Atlantic-Pacific and Casey Culture Hang Out In NYC

Apparently Blair of Atlantic-Pacific is the new fashion blog OMGITGIRL, so naturally, it took Casey Culture about point-two-seconds to get roped in with her on Blair’s recent visit to NYC.

Casey snapped a few pics of Blair, and then they discussed anti-aging potions and the power of sunglasses/not smiling over cocktails later. Why would they discuss that, you ask?

Because somewhere between taking off her ubiquitous sunglasses and actually smiling for a photo instead of faux-pouting, Atlantic-Pacific morphed into Mary Rambin’s Aunt Blair.

I’ll drink to that. A votre sante!

*nose in air*

  1. avatar Shrug Bitch

    How old is she supposed to be? Maybe it’s early and I’m feeling nice, but she looks really nice and 10000x better than CC and her eternal cuntsmirk.

    • avatar Lancelle from Paris

      No idea. It’s just startling to see her without half her face obscured.

    • avatar vapidcunts

      I like A-P a lot. She can SOMI.

      But yes, how old is she? I’m guessing mid-twenties.

      • avatar Lancelle from Paris

        That was my guess too, but she’s got one of those faces where you really can’t tell. Mid-twenties with sunglasses, mid-thirties without them?

      • avatar Eve Harrington

        why is she wearing her nightgown outside?

      • avatar Bouncing Little Burro

        LOVE Atlantic Pacific.

        • avatar Im a Veronica

          I like that Atlantic Pacific keeps it all about the outfits. No prattling on about her “hubs” or whatever, just pretty pictures of pretty clothes. However, as a fellow San Franciscan (that is where she’s based, right?) I find her outfits a little impractical. Not that being in SF and being fashionable are mutually exclusive but you have to be fashionable and warm in this city. And I can’t really see her throwing a North Face over any of those outfits. I don’t know, it’s just something that’s always bothered me.

          Also, holla to all my Bay Area GOMI-ers!

          • avatar Bouncing Little Burro

            Agreed! I love that it’s just pretty picture after pretty picture.

          • avatar floppy

            Yay! Marina bitch here. I actually LIKE that she doesn’t wear North Face or yoga pants because as a fairly new San Franciscan the amount of fleece being worn in this city was a total shock. Her shoes look pretty impractical but they’re hot shoes…she does layer up quite a bit, sometimes to ridiculous lengths. Eesh.

            • avatar I'm a Veronica

              Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad she’s showing off the more fashionable side to our fair city and not just the “I’m cramming my yoga pants into my Uggs and calling it a day” side. But her outfits just don’t seem…practical? I mean on Monday I was wearing jeans and boots (not uggggggs because I don’t care how comfy and warm they are, I just refuse)
              Maybe I’m just jealous because she clearly does not suffer from the condition that I do in which I am always ten degrees colder than everyone else and it can be a frickin heat wave and I still have to bring a sweater everywhere I go. Also I can’t hate on Northface because the outlet store in Berkeley saved me from being a Popsicle when I was in school in Mass
              End rant

      • avatar Newbie

        She’s 23

      • avatar Mary C

        She graduated college in 2007, so I’m assuming about 27.

  2. avatar LaDeeDa

    “This past week I made a trip out to NYC to get a closer look at one of my all time favorite brands, David Yurman. I got a chance to tour the David Yurman townhouse and try on some amazing pieces. Needless to say, I want it all now.”

    So in other words, she went shopping. Wow.

    As for me, I’m getting a chance to tour the StopNShop warehouse later today to view some amazing pieces of cheese and beef. There will also be cupcakes, and needless to say, I will want them all, now.

    • avatar KAS

      I will be touring the Fine Fare grocery market over lunch, to review the finest in high-fiber cereals.

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        I’m touring a plate of Boca burger patties up close & personal at this very minute.

    • avatar Stalker

      I’ll just take this opportunity to brag that I got a chance to tour the Salvation Army this weekend and picked up a few amazing pieces. I got a rad snap-front apron shirt thingy and am wearing it with MAJOR STRUT today. It is cotton polyester and looks just like linen. It has piping, sit back down bloggers.

    • avatar LaDeeDa

      KAS and Stalker, you guys gave me the chuckles. Enjoy your fiber and piping ladies!!

    • avatar featherbrained

      That makes since. David Yurman is for the middle aged set.

      • avatar vapidcunts

        A lot of my friends in Atlanta love DY and they’re around my age (between 27-32). Most of the girls I know who love it have moms who love it or they have really profesh jobs that are well-paid and it looks good for work jewelry.

        • avatar featherbrained

          It’s very conservative. Perfect for a very professional job. I know my friends in fashion say the target audience skew towards the elderly. I’m sure Yurman is trying to attract a younger audience, because he’s added a few boho-ish pieces to the collection and young bloggers are being invited to soires.

        • avatar Audrey Horne

          Yurman’s like the Southern rich girl equivalent of Tiffany. Or that’s what I learned as a born-and-bred Connecticut gal who went to college in North Carolina.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            You are making a key point here about regional reputations of things. Here in Boston and in NY, yeah, I only see people over 60 wearing Yurman, but I can 100% believe it has different demographic appeal elsewhere.

            It’s like St. John suits, which I grew up associating with the Greatest Generation and then I went to Atlanta and all the cool 40-somethings were wearing them. In my mind, they’re still more “85-year-old DAR” than “45-year-old PR powerhouse” but that’s just my own parochialism.

            • avatar featherbrained

              You know, you’re right. Vanderbilt girls love wearing Yurman.

        • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

          according to blair eadie’s (A-P’s) linkedin, she went to U of Florida, so the whole southern/florida prep/ yurman thing makes sense.

          I’m sick of AP. yeah yeah, she has cute clothes and works in the industry blah blah, but does she honestly wear 2 buttons downs plus a trench vest over a dress and 57567532 bangles all day? her style, for the most part, just looks like typical high level prep wannabe to me.

      • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        Fuck, I’m almost 47 and I wouldn’t wear Yurman because to me it’s grandma jewelry.

        • avatar Special Snowflake

          oh dear… I’m 25 and I have a Yurman ring….

          but i’m not claiming to be a fashun blogger or anything. I just thought it was a pretty ring.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            Well, I’m just some random old bitch on the Internet, so it doesn’t matter what I say about your jewelry. Also, maybe it’s like beehives—I’m both too young and too old for them?

            I mean, you’re 25, so you don’t have to knock yourself out not to look like a grandma, whereas I have college classmates who actually are grandmas, so I’m super-sensitive about it okay? (Cries into gin and tonic. Mmm, salty! Bitter!)

            • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

              Well, I’m just some random old bitch on the Internet, so it doesn’t matter what I say about your jewelry.

              ^ This is 100% sincere, not passive-aggressive.

          • avatar bigboobedmisanthrope

            no worries girl my wedding band is a yurman ring. and i’m 28. i’m sorry but that shits pretty!

  3. avatar Jordan is still the worst

    Casey Culture is… homely. And her style doesn’t merit being photographed daily. Sorry. She’s just such a average looking hag with a crappy personality.

    • avatar jpa

      I seriously don’t understand why she posts her outfits. Once upon a time, she admitted that she wasn’t really fashionable and had trouble in that department, which is fine, not everyone is a fashionista. Now she’s doing outfit posts. That white wrap dress is way too small for her and super unflattering.

      • avatar AFGHANI

        Yeah, Casey is kind of fug. On her best days, she still looks matronly. Nothing wrong with it, but I don’t see why she’s so hung up on style.

        • avatar The Cabinet of Dr. Bobby

          Afghani, no one cares about whether or not the women on here make your dick hard or if you think they’re “matronly”. Seriously, stop.

        • avatar featherbrained

          So if you are a fug girl (not saying Casey is, cause I disagree), you should just SHUN FASHUN? You should not be “hung up” on style cause you might as well put a bag over your head and call it a day? mmm k.

          • avatar That Girl

            If I want to see inaccessible fashion on impossibly pretty and thin girls, I’ll go back to fashion magazines.

            And even if you don’t start out with a strong sense of style, blogging your outfit choices can help you develop one.

            • avatar BackToSchedueldProgram

              THIS! Totally agree. I don’t get the people on here for making fun of bloggers who are “average”, “homely” or “old looking”. What is that? None of these girls are saying “look at me, I’m the hottest”, they’re simply sharing a small piece of their life. So many people have blogs now. Really attractive people with fabulous lives aren’t the only ones who deserve the right to share.
              The end.

              • avatar That Girl

                I personally said that Casey is average looking, but that was just my first impression. It doesn’t mean I think she shouldn’t be blogging. I do think that if she’s going to represent her life as something better than average, she needsto be bringing her A game.

              • avatar RB

                My issue has never been average people who want to share their lives through a blog–it’s when those average people try to turn their ordinary (often consumer-driven) lives into a career or “personal brand,” like they believe it’s something that other people should emulate.

  4. avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

    Okay, seriously, what is the deal with these young ladies dressing up like Mrs. Roper on a hot night out? As an old myself, I am appalled that anyone would squander the Cosmetic Effects of Youth so wantonly.

    I just want to sing the Golden Girls theme when I see a photo like that.

    • avatar Bouncing Little Burro

      What should they be wearing?

      • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        Not floor-length caftans and their grandmother’s jewelry. What’s wrong with all the cute, fun little dresses that, when they are my age (almost 47, yikes!) they will look at in stores and think, “Wow, that would be great if I were 20 years younger”?

        The Olsen twins have a lot to answer for. As an old lady myself, I like to see younger women wearing fun, body conscious styles. Also, I think that wearing those grandmotherly styles make young women look like little girls playing dress-up.

        • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

          That said, I went to A P’s blog and I love most of her other outfits. That little flower-covered shift thing is fierce; very Tippi Hedren.

          • avatar Shrug Bitch

            I freakin’ love that dress. I could never wear it because I’d look like a bathmat (that neckline does me no favors) but it was fabu.

            • avatar macaroons sprinkled with sadz

              yeah, I just went over to that blog for the first time and even though I could do without the bracelet arm armor trend and Mickey Mouse bows in her hair, her fucking clothes rocks. As in, I’m totally jealous of some pieces even though in real life I could not style them the same way.

          • avatar bigboobedmisanthrope

            seriously. bitch’s got style. i usually love everything she wears except for that fug ass daisy halter dress she wore recently. but she can style very classic clothes incredibly well. sometimes i want to cover her head with a paper bag because her hair can seriously ruin an outfit for me. she needs to leave it down and keep it relaxed. none of this pompadour or giant foofy bun shit. and when it’s down, you don’t have to chi flat iron it to within an inch of its life gurl.

    • avatar Babby Forming, Despite Life-Threatening Heels

      those floor-length schmattas are for pregnant ladies.

    • Did someone call me???


  5. avatar vapidcunts

    Casey should not allow herself to be photographed with those other two, she is homely as shit and being next to him just highlights the fug. Girl, stop trying.

    • avatar vapidcunts

      *next to them I mean

    • avatar Andi

      Agreed, she’s fug and her personality is total shit. I like both of these bloggers–they’re stylish and come off as likable (or, at least not hideously annoying) and they’re both beautiful. Casey is so out of her league.

      • avatar Lacey

        Do you know her? Or do you just get a “sense” of her personality from her pics. I have friends in common with her and they have said the exact opposite about her personality.

  6. avatar Stalker

    Judging by these pictures, if Bert does not win Project Runway, something in the milk ain’t clean. Because Halston-era aesthetics is today, y’all!

    • avatar Pancakes with a side of Pancakes with a side of of cray cray

      I am beyond obsessed/in love with Bert.

    • avatar bigboobedmisanthrope

      he’s incred. when i saw the promos i thought he was going to be a real douche but he’s a doll. love ms trinidad and tobago as well.

  7. avatar The Cabinet of Dr. Bobby

    I’m sorry I know it’s been said again and again and again here but I feel the need to re-state it and I’m a little drunk off of Korean cat-soju with my cat-friends.

    Are these bitches for real? like casey culture and all these ~* omg fashion bloggers*~? how many white people with highlights and hedge fund husbands do you need wearing designer clothes and saying “on trend” and acting like this shit is not just make-believe spouted from some skeletal Anthropologie wearing junkies in the Hearst Building? maybe i’m turning into more of a socialist (NO MAYBE ABOUT IT) but this shit is totally alienating. that’s not what i aspire to, and i’m not sure why they are displaying their lives as “aspirational”.

    our generation is confusing consumption with culture.

    • avatar Jordan is still the worst

      I don’t get the whole “Look at my fabulous life!” trend in blogging either. Because the reality is… most of these girls live pretty average lives, especially so in the context of New York City. They’re not actually the in girls, the fashionistas, etc. They’re just sad little strivers who don’t seem to know they have nothing worth sharing.

      • avatar That Girl

        I’d never heard of Casey,and just checked her out. An average looking girl posting poorly lit photos of food was my first impression.

        • She looks like every “I WAS SO DRUNK” communications major sorority girl in Kentucky.

          • avatar vapidcunts

            She’s way more busted than most Southern sorority girls I know.

            • I only see them when they’re jaywalking in front of me in their cut off sweatpants and Uggs.

            • avatar WASP-y Internet Upheaving Shorts

              This. Most southern sorority girls are drop dead gorgeous. Casey is rather homely and average looking.

              • in all seriousness, and having spent > 10 years on a college campus as a student and a staff member, most sorority girls I see are not all that. They are average, sometimes fat, usually bleached blonde, tan, and use makeup to impart any semblance of beauty they might possess.

          • avatar Audrey Horne

            BAHAH perfect, Stalker!

      • avatar RB

        I don’t get that, either. It’s glaringly obvious that they’re not ultra-wealthy socialites. Either they’re so delusional that they think they’re living the ~*~good life~*~ or they’re trying to boost their fragile egos by impressing uncultured housewives. Regardless of their motivation, it’s pathetic.

        • avatar AFGHANI

          It’s an issue of relativity. Casey can feel better about having a larger budget that makes the girls at work feel jealous–they don’t have rich lawyer daddys like her or a boyfriend who will pay for whatever she wants. However, Casey knows the score, she knows that compared to people who actually “have money”, she’s a zero. I think she’s also aware she’s fairly fug.

          • avatar RB

            If you’re aware that you’re fairly fug, you don’t post a million pictures of yourself on the Internet. Period. I agree that she’s trying to make people jealous, though. I guess it just doesn’t work with me because that’s not the kind of lifestyle that I envy.

            • avatar AFGHANI

              I dunno. I think she posts the photos to overcome the fact she’s not pretty. As in, look what I can afford (thanks dad! thanks Joel!), look how much time I put into this, look how much my guy loves me–he takes me out to dinner all the time.

              There’s no culture on her blog, only consumption. I think, in her mind, the consumption makes up for her lack of looks and talent. I’m pretty sure she knows she avg looking at best

            • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

              Perpetuating the fallacy (on GOMI, no less) that only the ‘beautiful’ people should be seen online is a real head-scratcher …

              • avatar RB

                No, I’m not saying that only beautiful people SHOULD be seen online. I’m saying that people with legitimate self-esteem problems typically DON’T behave that way (at least in my experience).

              • avatar RollsRoyceRevenge

                Yeah–I ain’t no oil painting (unless John Singer Sargent finished a portrait titled “That Fucking Cunt”), and I fail to see what dead-on-a-slab looks have to do with web-worthiness, social position or fashion.

              • avatar RB

                What I was trying to say wasn’t that she wasn’t worthy of being on the Internet because she’s not drop-dead gorgeous (I think she’s pretty, FWIW); I was trying to refute Afghani’s point that she thinks she’s fug in some way (which I don’t think she is). I think you have to have to have fairly high self-esteem/high opinion of yourself to put yourself to actively promote yourself as someone who has enviable style.

              • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

                Uhm, the equivocation of ‘they’re trying to boost their fragile egos’ w/ having ‘fairly high self-esteem’


                ::waves white flag::

              • avatar RB

                Yeah, none of that came out out quite right…

                ::joins in surrender::

              • avatar tvsociety

                You can derive high self esteem from things other than your own appearance. And because of social media everyone (regardless of their looks or physical self esteem) seems much more comfortable sharing photos of themselves via the internet. I don’t see how these things are related or relevant.

        • avatar WASP-y Internet Upheaving Shorts

          I think their motivation is this:

          Average white girl escapes suburbs to live OMG SATC fantasy in NYC, wants to brag to all of her hometown friends about OMG FABULOUS lifestyle when it’s really kind of pathetic and average. Sure your clothing and restaurant choices are maybe a tiny step above the chains your friends from home frequent, but you really haven’t evolved at all.

      • avatar AFGHANI


  8. avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

    ‘The power of not smiling’
    What. The. Fuck? Seriously …

    I had to google for this; its what I heard last night when flipping through channels:
    (it’s what bachlorette barbie said to one of the guys on the show)
    “…you always say to me ‘you’re smiling all the time, you’re going to have wrinkles when you’re older’.”

    WTF? What is it about life in general that so many deranged chicks are afraid to embrace? I mean sure, take care of your skin, use sunscreen, whatever… but c’mom … laugh lines are character, not some enemy to be glossed over w/ injections & filler. Talk about shallow & misguided …

    • ya know, it makes me insane that the current culture wants to stamp out everything about a person that distinguishes them from a paper doll. Trying to convince us that it’s bad to SMILE? that’s fucking disgusting.

      • avatar bigboobedmisanthrope

        i bet these bitches smoke too. (i smoke, blarg). that shit will give the worst wrinkles! must. quit. nao!!! (but only bc of wrinkles not bc of health)

  9. avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

    Speaking of MareMare BeachHair, some things never change …

    “The real trendsetter will hunt for the mid-calf pencil skirt. Curvy girls this probably won’t be flattering. For those of use without much hip or ass to speak of, we are thanking out lucky stars these are back in style.”

    “If you’re like me and patterns aren’t your thing, take another stab at color blocking.
    1 bold color + another blog color = fantastic.”

    Those of USE?
    OUT lucky stars?
    BLOG color?

    Drunk & stupid is no way to go through life,Mary.

    • avatar AFGHANI

      Not drunk, just stupid.

    • avatar slutoween

      I look hot as shit in a pencil skirt and I’m curvy, thanks Mary!

      • avatar Shrug Bitch

        Curvy girls look fucking fantastic in pencil skirts. Case in point:


        Fuck you Mare Mare.

        • avatar Cream Puff

          As someone with both hips and an ass, I want to say thank you. I personally think pencil skirts look best on someone with curves. Sorry Mare Mare, you’ll have to pass on this trend.

        • avatar tvsociety


      • avatar LaDeeDa

        I have major J Lo booty and hips and belly, but that JCrew No. 2 pencil skirt in veridian green is tops on my fall wish list, thank you very much.

        • avatar Amy

          I have a kelly green pencil skirt that I got from Express years ago… it’s mah faaaavorite.

        • avatar bigboobedmisanthrope

          did you see they have a #2 pencil in leopard? i’m dying a little of wanting.

      • avatar Waffleycakes

        Welllll. To be fair, she’s talking specifically about mid-calf-length pencil skirts.

        Not sure how I feel about those in general. Curvy or not.

        • avatar JFA

          I wear these all the time, and I’m short and curvy with small waist and ample hips and ass. It looks good on me. I can’t imagine it would look very good on someone with no ass.

    • avatar JFA

      First of all asshole, I am curvy and that style skirt looks the BEST on women with asses and hips. WTF is she talking about? Secondly, you are a moron. I hate this bidge.

    • avatar Julia's Too Small Tutu

      She really is flat out dumb. Every fashion magazine says that a pencil skirt is tailor made for a woman with hips and an ass. She’s the poster child for how much super low calorie diets mess up a person’s brain.

  10. avatar Jordan is still the worst

    That Atlantic Pacific girl strikes me as a superior version of Cupcakes and Cashmere. I don’t get the Cupcakes and Cashmere chick at all. She’s short with short legs of an average weight (her body actually looks just like mine), but seems more interested in dressing for trends than dressing to flatter her very average figure.

    And no, I don’t feel bad body snarking on girls who are holding themselves up as some kind of amateur stylist/model. The only one I think is actually worthwhile and knows how to wear clothes is fashion toast. Clothes look great on her clothes hanger body, she’s actually invited to international fashion shows, etc. Plus, her boyfriend is gorgeous (and a great photographer to boot).

    • avatar Andi

      I actually like (well, as much as you can “like” a freakin blogger you’ve never met) the Cupcakes and Cashmere girl. I like that she’s not super stick thin yet doesn’t fish around for compliments or seem insecure about it (ahem *Messica*) and her blog looks professional, is updated in a timely manner, etc. But then, I’ve realized that I can only reserve really deep annoyance and/or hate for the girls who prove to be class-A bitches. As long as they seem reasonably nice, mature, and professional, they can usually SOMI.

      But I agree…Atlantic Pacific is definitely far more beautiful.

      • avatar Shrug Bitch

        She’s a rich girl with nice clothes, pretty hair, a gorgeous house, and a really nice camera to photograph it all with. Boring as all fuck, but I don’t go to her site for what she writes.

      • avatar Lancelle from Paris

        It’s not hard to be a confident, professional blogger when you’re making $250,000 a year off Coach like C&C is.

        • I don’t know much about C&C but does she work for Coach? If not, how does she make $250,000 off of Coach?

          • avatar Lancelle from Paris

            We got a couple tips about this. Apparently, they are her one and only sponsor and pay for the privilege of the affiliation.

            • avatar vapidcunts

              I hope she’s saved 80% of that if it’s true because that kind of deal can’t last forever.

              • avatar Lancelle from Paris

                Interesting! I just zipped over to her blog and the Coach banner that’s been there forever is no longer up.

              • avatar Lancelle from Paris

                Never mind. It’s back.

            • avatar Shrug Bitch

              She makes 250k a year.

              I’m just going to go flush my college degree down the toilet after I’ve completely soaked it with my tears like the useless piece of kleenex it obviously is.

              • avatar bigboobedmisanthrope

                seriously. i’m not rich/have rich clothes but i dress real cute. i also have a husband that can take photos. maybe i should start a vapid fashun blog and fuck being a chick in the tech industry bc i ain’t makin’ 250k a year! i can refer to my husband as “the hubbs” or “the hubby”, color block EVERY DAY, layer like its november when its really over 104 degrees and take really close up shots of food i order but don’t eat. BAM. success.

        • avatar Bouncing Little Burro

          How do you know she makes that much?

      • avatar AFGHANI

        Cupcakes & Cashmere is drop dead gorgeous and has a career, lives in LA, etc.

        Night and day differences from Messica.

  11. avatar My nostrils are TOTALLY symmetrical! Oo

    Side note, can we just talk about how Jessica’s dress for her NYC book party looks exactly like a dress I bought at Kohl’s and wore to my aunt’s funeral? I am not joking. Looks exactly the same, I wore a cardigan to class it up a bit but same lace overlay black dress. I repeat, I wore it to my aunt’s funeral.

    • avatar Emily Gould's Trusty Google Alert

      well it was a funeral for her career

  12. avatar kitty

    love AP. that’s one girl i cannot hate on. casey, on the other hand…im surprised you guys dont feature her more. she’s so annoying.

    • avatar Shrug Bitch

      Yeah, what happened to the CC coverage? They’ve done a few in the past and she responded by wearing a fur vest and posting a butthurt response. It was awesome.

      • avatar Lancelle from Paris

        She hasn’t been posting much lately.

        • avatar oyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          Yes – there was a definite decline in posting after the fur vest one.

      • avatar AFGHANI

        agreed, Kasey Kulture(less) is the worst. still my favorite GOMI topic.

  13. avatar Shrug Bitch

    In other news, Jordo has completely lost it.
    She’s really going to try and make this “hot mom” thing work, isn’t she.

    • I’ll body snark for all of us: She is scary skinny, in pregnancy denial, and rapidly developing Sarah Jessica Parker terrifying vein hands.

      • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

        Yeah, she’s pretty bony around the shoulder blades area. Dang,that’s downright scary.

      • avatar RB

        I almost (almost) feel sorry for her. It’s painfully obvious that this pregnancy thing isn’t what she wants.

        • avatar It's Always Shitty in Donkadelphia

          I’m getting the vibe that she’s worried about Kendick having a roving eye if she’s anything less than OMG! SEXAY, which is especially sad if she’s trying to cement a questionable relationship w/ a baby.

          • avatar RB

            That would make sense, especially since she wrote that long “my marriage is so strong” post the other day.

      • avatar MissAnthropy

        Hey now, some of us with veiny hands cannot help it.

        I hate that this will be my first post on GOMI, so I need to add something else…
        AtoP is not entirely annoying. I followed her for two weeks. Then I realized her southern debutant style wasn’t meshing with my own personal aesthetic.

        I think at some point I have followed CC. And was thoroughly annoyed pretty early on.

    • avatar Little Orphan Lilly

      It looks like the photo is shopped to make her collarbone pop even more.

      And ditto to everyone else–I thought she seemed excited about being pregnant when they first announced it, but the further along she gets the more uncomfortable and in-denial she seems about the whole thing.

      • avatar Shrug Bitch

        Plus it’s been hot as balls in NYC lately — I can’t even imagine being 6 months pregnant in this weather.

        • avatar JFA

          I have a cousin 8 months preggers who actually HAS A JOB and she is dying commuting to NYC from the burbs everyday. Yes some people actually manage to have jobs and kids at the same time.

    • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

      I have to say that if my huscat came home and found me wearing that he would probably be on the phone to the local loony bin because HOLY FUCK WHAT THE HELL

      • avatar Audrey Horne

        it’s quite possibly the world’s ugliest garment. it’s at least up there.

    • avatar Colonel Mustard's Tiara

      She will never be a hot mom. Hot mess, yes. Hot mom, no.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone cling so desperately to her non-life. Jordan, you walk around and shop all day. Having a baby clearly isn’t going to interfere with your demanding schedule.

      I keep waiting for her to show some semblance of not being SUCH a selfish prick. I’ll be waiting a long time, I know.

    • avatar Julia's Too Small Tutu

      I swear her style is regressing the further along she gets in her pregnancy. By the time the kid comes out she’ll be in knee socks and a pink, plaid jumper.

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