“Anthroholic” Disappears From Internets

After the internet storm caused by accusations of scamming, “Anthroholic” has started shutting down her online presence.

Her blog is now invite only, her facebook page is shuttered, and her twitter has been closed. We hope this is her way of taking her apology seriously and closing things up until she can get herself together and make things right and not just flouncing to make the problem go away. With more and more information about the extent of her activities rolling in all over the internet, it could very well be the latter, especially in light of her sponsors pulling out and her online friends calling her out.

  1. avatar melissa

    Roxy left a statement on her blog too. She’s encouraging reporting to the police and FBI….
    scores of girls are coming out of the woodwork claiming they have not been paid, have been strung along like the rest, and are still owed. Some of them claim as much as $800+ owed… There are over 600+ comments on Roxy’s Scam Post.

    • avatar melissa

      I hope everyone gets repaid, but even if they do- she needs legal consequences. Like all -aholics/addicts, she needs to hit rock bottom before she can get better.

    • avatar heartsink

      I hope all the victims of this contact the authorities and get their money back. From the EA comments, it sounded like many were still getting the same excuses and run around.

      • avatar Learned Paw

        Did Anna North contact GOMI for this story?

      • avatar AdoptMeBluths

        BTW I received a response from Modcloth to the same tune of Ruche’s statement. However, the email has barred from reposting. Seychelles also made a statement on facebook that they are steering clear of Anthroholic. I have yet to hear a response from the mother ship (anthropologie).

        • avatar tandy

          I have been wondering what anthropologie will say–they have to say something given all the stuff they did for her in the past.

        • Where is the Seychelles statement? I follow them on FB, but didn’t see anything? I am clearly missing something…

          • avatar AdoptMeBluths

            There is a picture of her on their wall, it basically says, “How cute is Kim wearing our heels” (GAG) and then in the comments section, some people point out the hideousness that has been the last three days, at which point Seychelles essentially responds with, “Yeah…we are steering clear of that one.”

        • avatar KAS

          You received a response from Modcloth that they won’t allow you to share publicly? What a crock. Or else what, Modcloth- you WILL do business with Anthroholic?

          • avatar AdoptMeBluths

            Modcloth was not threatening. Just had a privacy banner on the bottom that it was not to be shared or copied so I respected it.

            I just heard back from Anthropologie. They were touching base to say they are considering the issue and that it has definitely come to their attention. I hope more people write in to them so that they know its a concern.

            • Regardless, she’s still going to be ok. She hired a lawyer to defend her, nobody’s doing anything to report her anyway, so she can get away with all this. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal if she lost her sponsors.

              • avatar AdoptMeBluths

                Actually…there are a few women who all ready reported her.

              • avatar KAS

                I find it hard to believe she hired a lawyer. She has no money, what lawyer would take someone like that on?

  2. avatar ninja girl

    hope she gets help. i second the contacting the authorities. i agree with partypants, GOMI is not the place for a takedown campaign (of anyone). for all these allegations of fraud, people who have been victimized by Anthroholic should go straight to the authorities. On your “anthroholic issues an anthropology…” post, suzanne has also posted a direct link to the Illinois Attorney general.

  3. avatar ninja girl

    hope everyone gets their money back too!!! glad to see that pursuit of hippyness got her refund!

    • avatar nesdamycart

      thanks…. creepy, how fast this thing spread….

      • avatar ninja girl

        yeah, i’m glad it worked out for you and you found the support to write about your experience and opened this pandora’s box. i’m sorry you felt in the dark and silenced to do anything until now though. i’m thinking of writing a private email to roxy about what i commented below re: constructive criticism vs trolling because i do feel strongly that this general bloggy atmosphere of conflating any feeedback as “meanie trolling” contributed to stifling the victims and made them feel less empowered to speak up for fear of crazy white knights calling them haters and questioning their credibility. i am not advocating tearing people down and allowing abusive for the sake of being abusive comments, but i really do feel GOMI is an organic result of people being frustrated with BS and not being able to call people out on it. And that some commenters over at EA still see this as “meanie trolls” and “fashion blogger bashing.” calling people out is not “bashing.” it’s calling a spade a spade.

        • avatar Back-Alley Adoration

          I think one of the things that makes GOMI work (when it does; I still have some concerns about some of the things some people post here some of time time) is that it’s not about partypants and what she wore and what she ate or how she only allowed herself half a glass of wine. Instead it’s a bunch of people talking about a bunch of different blogs. It’s easier to get an intersubjective conversation going that way.

          Personally, when I see someone doing something I consider foolish on their own blog, I just click away. I don’t want to tell them their clothes look stupid on them, and I don’t think they want to hear it. I don’t have a blog, but if I did I think I would feel exposed (or maybe not; maybe you already have to be a little bit narcissistic to want to show the world ten pictures of yourself every other day). I just don’t want to kick someone when they’re vulnerable.

          I will give you all props, though. By and large, most of the people y’all are kicking are criticizable precisely because they refuse to act or write like normal human beings: i.e., vulnerable.

          I guess I’m saying that although I don’t like the sunbeam-unicorn-cupcake style of commenting, I can see why some people do it. And I can also see why GOMI works as a place to say THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS UNICORNS.

          • avatar nesdamycart

            I agree with all you’ve said, with a BUT: I fully intended to write my post (in fact, the post was written, and added to, for days – I don’t have that kind of time to compose all at once), but it was definitely a last ditch effort, for me. All I wanted was 1) my money back, and 2) to warn future victims. I was obviously unaware of all the other stories (who wasn’t??), or I would have posted earlier. I AM EXTREMELY GRATEFUL TO GOMI, however, for providing the catalyst – it’s all about timing, in ‘publishing’ anything, and the exposure on this site (as opposed to the 22 followers of my own blog who may or may not be direct relations of mine) allowed this story to come out, rather than be crushed by a bunch of zealous supporters screaming, “Leave my Kim alone, you jealous fat…” oh, you know. If there was ‘fear’ present, it was fear that my story would whimper and die. Thanks for not allowing that! Now go pick on some puppies, or something, you bastards! PS: Partypants, admiration x 1000.

            • avatar melissa

              GOMI has gotten too much positive PR lately. We must go back to drowning puppies, eating cake, and being fat nasty mean JEALOUS haterz that pick on innocent, cute,…. gawd I can’t go that far. Forget it. :)

            • avatar sk

              I second everything that my fellow Canadian hippie said. Without Gomi, I would have never know that others had been scammed by the same person who caused me to doubt my instincts. You definitely provide a much-needed space for critique and I think that I will be sticking around all you haterz.

          • avatar Internet Upheaving Pants

            Can we please tell the annoying as fuck kelle Hampton there are no unicorns? I know a ton of people are fed up with her sappy shit but she deletes any negative comments from her blog and her white nights are legendary.

            • avatar Give it a human touch. Everybody likes that.

              Oh, you bet we’ve discussed Kelle Hampton in the comments before. I don’t know why there hasn’t been a post about her yet, but I suppose it’s just a matter of time before she churns out something ridiculous (“My friend’s little boy died. Here are a dozen photos of my children. I’m so glad THEY’RE not dead. And a giveaway!”)

  4. avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

    People who are accepting that she did not refund her fees for services that were never performed are being idiots. A finder’s fee is paid when someone finds something for you, not when they sit on your money for months and only grudgingly refund it.

    Her saying that her finder’s fees and personal shopping fees are not refundable DOES NOT ACTUALLY MAKE IT SO. Taking money for work you do not perform and have a pattern of not performing is fraud. Get that money back from her, or contact her state’s Attorney General or Secretary of State or whichever official is in charge of consumer affairs for that state.

    • avatar melissa

      I second that

    • avatar Office Worker

      I am so weirded out that dozens of people never said anything about getting ripped off. How much pull did Anthroholic have on the Anthro blogger community?!

      • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        It’s like Etsy, apparently—there’s this cult of nice and twee and cupcakes and ruffles. Fucking Stepford drones.

      • avatar melissa

        She was the top blog, or second top (depending on who you talk to)

        Yes, she did have that much pull. It’s a clique- you’re mean to the popular girl, you get kicked out/ shunned. Plus, anything that isn’t positive sunshinepuppykittenunicorncandyballs is not tolerated.

      • avatar ninja girl

        she had a ton of pull, and was close with trusted bloggers like Roxy from EA (who has since distanced herself from her). add to that the twee and world of sunshine and puppies (“NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS! POSITIVE ENERGY ONLY!”) atmosphere pervading the anthro blogs and the deletion of unflattering/non-complimentary comments from her own posts set this up. honestly, i used to read her last year and there was one fairly constructive comment to the tune of “maybe you can use more pop of color than just wear gray” in one of her posts and then she got upset and said “i think i can wear what i want and i love gray” and all her blogger friends commented “yeah! if you don’t like it go away!”

        i think it’s ironic that it took this for many bloggers (see EA and Anthroflux for posts on this) to do some soul-searching and self-examine their approach to constructive criticism on their posts. sometimes a few anthro bloggers (not necessarily the ones listed above, just in general) conflate constructive criticism (and by this i mean, well-meaning comments that don’t personally attack people for their body images, but offer helpful suggestions on things they can change and have control over, ie how to choose flattering silhouettes and/or good grammar, etc) with trolling and jealous haters and all their bloggie friends white-knight rush to their defense and it stifles true discussion. i’m just sick of people conflating any sort of feedback as “you’re fat and jealous” and “you’re a meanie troll!” if i were a blogger, i would want honest feedback, not a bunch of ass-kissers.

        in conclusion -> these bloggers and their followers need to learn nuance between “trollling” and “constructive criticism.” because fear of being browbeaten by white knights was a HUGE factor in so many victims being silent.

        • avatar peoplearecraycray

          Just to add- I’m sure that if someone actually criticized her or the services on her blog, and it sounds like some people did, she would just immediately delete the comment.

          • avatar melissa

            teeny correction- comments are moderated and have to be approved before they post. She simply wouldn’t approve anything negative.

  5. I’m gonna copypaste the comment Suzanne left in the other thread:

    Suzanne says:
    September 15, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Having read thru most of these comments and those posted at Roxy’s Effortless Anthro blog, and as an attorney who has actually practiced consumer protection and prosecuted scammers while with a state attorney general’s office, I feel compelled to underscore a EA poster’s recommendation to contact the Illinois Attorney General – Consumer Protection Division if you have been scammed by Anthroholic and FILE a complaint. Doing so will allow the IL AG to aggressively pursue legal action against her, the outcome of which could include not just restitution to her victims but her permanent ban from online solicitations and profitability, which is what really needs to happen here. The link to the IL AG’s downloadable complaint form is:

    • avatar I can't believe certain people

      I am so curious to know if anybody has filled a legal complaint!! What are they waiting for? This woman needs to go buh-bye from the internet and get some help.

  6. avatar keenwah

    Honestly, I’m shocked that so many of the people she scammed let it go on for so long. Some of those girls gave her the benefit of the doubt for eight months to a year! I’d have been throwing a fit after two weeks, screaming to anyone who’d listen.

    If some squeaky wheel had blown the whistle (ew, mixed metaphors much?) eight months ago, so many other people wouldn’t have been screwed over.

    I’m not blaming the victims, I’m just shocked at how trusting they all were.

    • avatar Office Worker

      My mind is boggled over that too. Maybe the tweeness of Anthropologie seeped into their brains and they assumed that misguided fairies plucked their Anthropologie purchases from UPS?

      IDK. I’m not going to blame the victims, but it’s really bizarre.

      • avatar zc

        Well since no one was speaking out about it, and they read the glowing reviews of successful transactions, they probably thought they were just the exception, and that Kim was truthfully overwhelmed or losing their emails.

        Plus, they kept waiting, getting excuse after excuse, so they had hope that the item would come in the end (because it was in the mail! Kim dropped it off already!) If they knew they’d never get it, they’d have filed long ago.

        • avatar Office Worker

          I doubt that I would use a shopping service, but I would think that there would be a saturation point where you’re like SERIOUSLY. GIVE ME THE STUFF OR MY MONEY, OR I WILL BLOG ABOUT THIS.

          At the very least, I hope that the people who used the shopping service get their money back and that other personal shopping services adopt some kind of approval system to avoid future scams.

      • avatar RollsRoyceRockerfellerWashingtonVanderbiltOgslanderStuyvesantMurphyRevenge

        For fuck’s sake.

        We’re talking basic customer service here, not whether or not someone was sexually assaulted.

        If you send X amount of bucks to someone and they don’t cough up what you were paying for and instead of complaining you sit on your thumb for 8 months to a year, I am going to think that you are at best a scatterbrain.

        • avatar Office Worker

          Like I said, I’m not going to blame the victims. The only thing they did wrong was not speaking up, which has been rectified and it seems like justice will be served (maybe).

    • avatar heartsink

      Yeah, the story is so wild. The bulk of the victims are in Canada and overseas where Anthropologie ships to for high costs or will not ship to at all. It seems like many victims felt like they were imposing on Anthroholic although they were paying her for a service. After the Paypal window of 45 days expired, I think people thought they would never get their money back. I think it’s very different doing business with a single person rather than a company with customer service where at least you could call back another day, ask for a manager, etc. Some sent her between 50 and 100 emails, and were very suspicious after not receiving their items/refunds, but tried to stay on “good terms” in hopes of having their money returned. Those who complained on her blog had their comments promptly deleted. She was very careful to protect her reputation online, and tried to get people to drop paypal disputes, etc.

      Plus, so many other bloggers are good friends with Anthroholic that no one who was scammed had felt they could post about their experiences elsewhere. All the victims were isolated, and didn’t realize anyone else was affected. It’s amazing how long Anthroholic was able to cover up her behavior. So glad it was exposed in the end. I hope everyone affected files a complaint so this never happens again.

    • I am with you here. If I spent even $20 and got the runaround like this I would pitch an ever loving FIT. Much less $800(!) like a couple of girls that have come forward.

      • avatar sk

        I held my tongue and erased all my f-bombs from e-mails to her because I really wanted to see that money returned to me. It felt like I was in a powerless position that I had stupidly put myself in.

    • avatar Aggressively Stupid with Life Threatening Shoes

      As ninja girl said above, I think it’s a consequence of that mindset of “Everything must be positive. No negativity ever!” People become afraid to say something that’s true because it’s also negative.

  7. avatar KAS

    I hope she ends up facing consequences for what she did and gets the help she needs to never do something like this again. Unfortunately, I know from personal experience it is naive to assume that someone who steals from you will ever demonstrate true remorse. Hopefully at least she’s prevented by her new reputation from never doing this again.

    • avatar DirtyLakeMichigan

      Exactly. The only thing a person like this is sorry about is that they got caught. Not the damage they’ve done.

      • avatar KAS

        Totally. And trying to find people who will feel sorry for them- boo hoo, my blog was shut down by a big bunch of meanies, wah wah.

  8. avatar Amy

    Oh man… She “Got Off [Our] Internets”

    I.. I feel a small tear forming in the corner of my eye. So beautiful.

    But really, fuck this scammer. I hope she gets what’s comin’ to her.

    • avatar melondrama

      I suspect she met with a lawyer who told her to delete her stuff immediately. Her Tweets about haters/weirdos and her fauxpology blog post were pretty incriminating.

      • doubtful. No lawyer would advise her to delete. They would advise just the opposite, actually. Google cache never forgets.

        • avatar Lancelle from Paris

          I would say that I’m sure some of these scamming victims kept screenshots of the damning posts/tweets, but it also took them how long to get all this stuff out in the open? So, yeah, I’m not holding my breath for any big PLAN AHEAD OF TIME moves on their front.

        • avatar melondrama

          Well, ok. Maybe she deleted them out of panic. But if she met with a lawyer, he/she probably told her some variation of, “don’t talk to anyone but me about this, and definitely don’t make any more public/online comments about it.”

          Also, I wonder if a judge would construe her deleting her blog, Twitter and Facebook as an admission of guilt? Or at least a strong piece of evidence that she is a guilty McLiarpants*?

          * technical term

          • a good prosecutor will certainly spin it that way.

          • avatar Washing Machine Hugger

            Actually, she left a comment on The Pursuit of Hippyness saying something about if she had done this intentionally and was lying about everything, she would have shut down her blog. And then she shut down her blog. So….

      • avatar New Year New You

        Yeah no. Everything you have ever written on the internet is stored on a server somewhere even if you delete the primary source, and can easily be subpoenaed.

        I had my text messages subpoenaed once. That’s some scary shit, months of your text messages printed out on paper.

        • avatar ninja girl

          yeah, there will still be an internet/server paper trail of sorts. plus, many of her victims have kept their email correspondence with her. document, document, document…

        • avatar melondrama

          I get it.I wasn’t saying that deleting her stuff was smart or effective, I was just trying to speculate on her reasons for doing so.

          • because she got scared shitless and pulled an Enron.

          • avatar I Bray for Pay

            She deleted because there was no more purpose to keeping it up.

            Her reputation has been ruined, and her sponsors have deserted her, the “Anthroholic” brand she created is now worthless.

            Why not delete instead of leaving a carcass of a website up indefinitely??

            • avatar DirtyLakeMichigan

              I’m not caught up so forgive me if this has already been clarified, but was it GOMI that put the final puzzle-piece in place? Has all this come to light in *literally* 24 – 48 hours?

        • avatar jpa

          one day one of my friends had her bbm records waiting for her in her work inbox.

          • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

            Oh shit… did they think she was texting inappropriately with her work phone or something?

            • avatar jpa

              no! I think the just did it to show her that they had access to her messages.

              • avatar KAS

                What kind of evil fuckery is that? JUST SO YOU KNOW, WE COULD WATCH YOU IF WE WANTED TO. Either do or don’t, but don’t hold it over my head if you aren’t really going to.

              • avatar jpa

                haha yeah she was pretty freaked out because she did have a lot of conversations on her blackberry but was still careful as it was a work device not to let anything get unprofessional. But they were a pretty effed up company from what she said.

              • avatar DirtyLakeMichigan

                @ KAS I am SO stealing “What kind of evil fuckery is that?” I have many instances where I could never find the words and now I have them.

              • avatar KAS

                Hahaha, you’re welcome.

  9. avatar liz

    i noticed that all of her things started disappearing. to me, it almost seems kind of cowardly to simply go away. though i’m sure she shared a lot of personal information on her blog (i didn’t read it, so i don’t know), the internet is still a very anonymous place. you can delete your crap and go away forever and it’s unlikely that anyone would ever be able to track you down. it just seems like the easy way out to me (and not really the best way to deal with something like this).

    • avatar qwerty

      “the internet is still a very anonymous place. you can delete your crap and go away forever and it’s unlikely that anyone would ever be able to track you down. ”

      You’re so SO wrong

    • avatar melondrama

      Yeah, this girl was far from anonymous. Her name, city and pictures were splashed all over her blog and other online profiles. She did tons of interviews with other blogs, came to blogger events and met other bloggers and Anthro fans, etc. She made no attempts to be anonymous or keep a low profile. Think of Grace Bonney of design*sponge: totally out there, and known by her given name in conjunction with her blog name/online handle.

    • avatar epitomeofintlglamour

      I hadn’t hit refresh – sorry for the double post!

  10. avatar Will Blog for Seal Claps

    OT but I once ordered a big order from Modcloth and got charged for border fees $300 fucking dollars. BY BORDER SERVICES. HOW FUCK, can anyone tell me why this might have happened? It was for CLOTHES. I was an absolute MORON at the time (this was a few years ago) and was SO CURIOUS and eager to see the goods I actually paid it. I have never let the shame go ever since. None of the clothes fit and I sent them all back and never disputed the charge because I didn’t really know how or if it would amount to getting any money back. So in other words, I get getting things shipped to you by personal shoppers in the US.

    • avatar jpa

      uh what? I think Border fees are pretty typical. It depends on how the sender fills out the customs form.

    • avatar MissAnthropy

      You have to pay your own customs fees.

      • avatar jpa

        pretty standard, i’m not sure what this person is complaining about?

      • avatar Will Blog for Seal Claps

        But $300 for like, five dresses is a little much. It’s normal for it to be maybe $20 or so, but $300 to receive clothing items does not seem reasonable to me. Why would they be that high? They aren’t potentially dangerous, they aren’t drugs, they aren’t even electronics. If you bought dresses from a US retailer, getting border fees for $300 is totally normal?

        • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

          No, that certainly isn’t normal. Did Modcloth use a customs broker? Or was that $300 assessed to you by Canada Customs?

          I’ve done the reverse thing (Canada to US) and UK to US and have never had anything like that happen. I don’t think of Modcloth as being the most business-savvy organization, though, so I suppose they could have used scammy or incompetent customs brokers…

  11. avatar STF

    I’ve been on this site today more than Anthropologie’s. Antrho who? I think I’m addicted to GOMI now. Maybe I will finally have money for groceries! Thanks GOMI!

    • avatar melissa


      That’s GOMI- helping people to buy catfood, wine, and cucumbers all over the ‘nets since ’09 (I think, too lazy to verify)

    • avatar KAS

      GOMI is *totally* saving the world this week!

    • avatar michelle

      lol, this is wake up call to lots of women, I”m sure.

      • avatar melissa

        actually, yes in a way. I was reading over at the EA thread- a lot of women were saying they were going to get off anthro blogs for a while, focus on the important things in life, etc.

        I was wondering how Anthropologie (the brand) would feel about all this negative publicity and loss of customers for a while, since quite a few swore off the consumerism fog they just woke out of.

        • avatar heartsink

          I doubt they are pleased. The bloggers are a great marketing tool. Anthropologie throws them a few special blogger parties, and they happily post about the brand.

        • avatar michelle

          I think I once heard anthro execs speculate the blogging community generated a 20% increase in shoppers or something like that since the anthro blogs popped up 2years ago, so I bet they are fucking pissed. I hope they get more scrutiny for stealing etsy designs and the contributions to politicians and organizations that contradict the lifestyle image they promote.

          • avatar resident asshole

            they didn’t really ‘steal’ etsy designs……. anthropologie isn’t a brand, it’s a store. the brands they sell may have similar designs to some of those on etsy, but often those brands didn’t really steal them. that stupid UO heart-in-state necklace is a damn good example of this.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)


        • avatar The Incredible Sulk

          New GOMI lurker here…I was a reader of many of the anthro blogs but came over after the post on STF. The anthroscandal broke shortly afterward. I must say I will be laying off the anthro blogs now. I wasn’t a cray cray fanatic but could see how it could become a problem. Anyway, I think I like it here. Back. To. Lurking. For. Now.

          • avatar melissa

            I found GOMI through Jessica Quirk and mentions of a blog ‘tearing her down’. Since I had never liked her (for some reason!) I researched the blog and found this lovely, mixed, terrible, intelligent, witty, and strange group. It’s much more addicting than you think- proceed with caution!!

          • avatar LaDeeDa


            Let me take your Dipped Nougat Coat.

        • avatar Give it a human touch. Everybody likes that.

          I’m glad to hear that. I keep every Anthro catalog I’ve managed to get my hands on, but building your life around that store just seems like you are compensating for something else that is missing in your life. And, seriously, Anthro/UO is a HUGE corporation. They know how to pump out the consumerist soma. It was definitely time for some people to get a wake-up call.

    • avatar LaDeeDa

      LOL! Seriously, the crossover between all of my blogs is freaking me out today. I’ve been having a hard time keeping track of which sites I’m on, because everybody is hopping ships.

      It’s like when the characters from Everybody Loves Raymond showed up on The King of Queens now and then.

      Everybody go back to your original corners!!! I’m getting too confused.

      • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

        It’s like those games of dodgeball where you don’t have to stay on your original side of the court, so everybody’s just running around throwing balls and you forget who’s on your team so you have a ball aimed at someone and you’re like, “Is he on my team?” and then you’re like Fuck it, I got this ball, I have to throw it and you just go.

        • avatar LaDeeDa


          And I’m over on the Anthro blogs and everybody’s talking about GOMI, and I’m like “SHIT MAN. WHERE are my FITTING ROOM REVIEWS?!”

          So, in fair trade, Alice owes me an OOTD. I’ll need a pic and fit description, please.

      • avatar KAS

        Didn’t you swear you were giving up GOMI? Or am I thinking of somebody else?

        • avatar LaDeeDa

          Guilty. GOMICRACKHEAD.

          Pass mah spoon.

          • avatar KAS

            Yaaaay I’m glad you’re back :)

          • avatar Amy

            I noticed too… Because I’m a creeper. WELCOME BACK LDD *internet hugz*

            • avatar LaDeeDa

              Aww thanks! I should leave and come back more often!


              • avatar Give it a human touch. Everybody likes that.

                I’m glad to hear it, you seem like a levelheaded person who is able to enjoy a taste of Anthrocrack without getting a full-blown addiction. GOMI, on the other hand, well I’m afraid you’re too far gone! JK :-). It’s nice to have you here.

    • avatar Keevz

      Haha!! Nice work there stf! Welcome aboard.

      • avatar zc

        Ditto. Love that you can have a sense of humor about everything instead of having a LOLyer come sue GOMI for stealing pictures. :)

        • avatar New Year New You

          Well considering she stole a whole load of commenter’s photos for her blog (some of whom don’t even have ego blogs) she couldn’t really do that now could she.

          • avatar zc

            haha, true this.

            Bonnie, do you still think we’re a bunch of evil and ugly meanies? I hope not.

            • avatar STF

              No, I’m over it. I’ve always felt like the black sheep in the Anthro blogging community. Say what you will about me, it definitely isn’t unicorns and rainbows in my neck of the woods. Given this, I’ve done my share of shit talking about bloggers, but only in emails to my blogger friends. There are people that I just don’t like, and there’s clearly people that don’t like me. It’s human nature to talk about others, so I think it’s great there’s a place that people can come vent. It’s just not as funny when it’s happening to you. I’ve put myself out on the big, bad internet, though, so I just need to get the fuck over it and move on. I used to never filter comments, because I don’t believe in it, but the name calling got really bad on my blog at one point and my readers and friends encouraged me to moderate. I still don’t block a lot. Up until this weekend, I had blocked only a few comments since my blog’s existence. Obviously, I had quite a number a negative comments on my rebuttal post, but given the things that had been said about me, I was in a blocking state of mind. Anyway, I will definitely be hanging out here in the future. I now have a place to talk shit about bloggers that annoy me! All this to say, you guys are great as long as you are not talking about me. ;-)

              • avatar STF

                “All this to say, you guys are great as long as you are not talking about me. ;-)”

                I put the wink in there to convey a joking tone. Bash me to your hearts content!

              • avatar Give it a human touch. Everybody likes that.

                STF, I’m impressed by your sense of humor, and I was one of your harshest critics.

                I do want to say, though (and I really hope that this doesn’t come off as patronizing) that you should think about dialing back the amount of things you write about your marriage and your parents online. It’s absolutely a valid decision not to stay in an unhappy relationship and I certainly have plenty of things I could write about my own parents. But, in my personal experience, I’ve seen relationships really destroyed by what people put online, even if no one was trying to be malicious. That’s why I disliked your blog… the stuff you wrote just seems like it could be so, so hurtful to your parents, ex and (eventually) kids if they read it, and they all know about your blog. Otherwise, I think your photos are great eye candy (even the appliance hugging ones).

                Obviously I don’t know everything that goes on in your family. I’m sure a lot of your complaints are justified. I’m just putting this out there for what it’s worth. I really hope you get all the things you want as you build your new life.

              • avatar DirtyLakeMichigan

                OK… who is STF? I love when someone comes to the dark side. I get a whole new respect. Which blog?

    • avatar New Year New You

      Well hey now look at that, next thing you know you’ll have realized your 3 year old can’t make it’s own happiness.

      • avatar melissa

        you’re definetly on a mission going to test how thick her skin is. Well, if she can put up with us she is welcome here.

      • avatar MissAnthropy


        • avatar MissAnthropy

          why the eff does my comment end up after melissa’s?! i was responding to NYNY.

    • avatar Aggressively Stupid with Life Threatening Shoes


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