Anthro-bloggers In Uproar Over Accusations Of Scamming

GOMI is currently the scene of a huge scam accusation against some “Anthro-blogger”.  The comments on various posts range from flat out claims of fraud to remarks that simple bad business practice doesn’t equal a criminal act:

“Oh my god, I can`t believe that she`s pulled this crap with so many other trusting people. I kept giving her the benefit of the doubt, but all of those excuses were used on me, too. She needs to be outed. This is criminal behavior.”

“In reading the above, I think she was in it to scam her readers.”

“It seems to be a case of negligence and ill-management rather than malicious intent.”

I don’t know what is going on here. I don’t follow Anthro-bloggers and I’d never heard of this “custom purchase” thing they do. So what is the story? Who is this person? What is going on and if it’s so heinous why is it being allowed to happen?

I’m waiting for answers!

  1. avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

    I am always confused in these discussions when people are all “It’s not scamming! It’s just incompetence!” as though that really mattered. Either way, the customer has neither the merchandise nor the money they paid for it, so.

    • avatar melissa

      They are afraid to rock the boat, especially as big of a boat as the queen ruffle of anthro lemmings’s boat. Someone without her popularity would have crashed and burned a LONG TIME AGO.

      • I just think the whole thing is so weird. I personally would never trust a third party like that. I also don’t think people should be getting “scammed” or whatever you want to call it. If you can’t do your advertised services correctly, then don’t do them at all. But still. Why would someone choose to shop that way? Why is this chick so famous in the first place anyway?

        • avatar Cuntastic

          I have never shopped that way, but it’s common amongst the anthrobloggers. Lots of them have separate “Shop my closet” sites where they unload their old crap and one of the blogs has a weekly buy/sell/trade market where people can make deals. They trusted her b/c she has a big (for that world) blog

          • avatar frum

            She also has had some sponsoring by Anthropologie (the store) so she may be viewed as having more resources available to her in tracking “hard to find items”. It’s all so f’d up. I used to work at a store part time (don’t flog me — I actually really enjoyed the people I worked with and they were awesome to work with my schedule) and the nuttiness I’d see and hear about was eye opening. People in the world are nuts and for whatever reason, Anthropologie brings it out in some more than others.

            At the end of the day it is a store, that sells clothes, sometimes at a large markup. Everything else is smoke, mirrors and really good marketing.

            • avatar melondrama

              what kind of nuttiness do you speak of?

            • avatar yippieskippie

              As someone who does work closely with Anthropologie (but not FOR them) in terms of marketing, none of the blog girls have any special pull in getting hard to find items.

  2. avatar WASP-y Internet Upheaving Shorts

    “Anthro bloggers” confuse me even more than Julia Allison. I don’t understand the obsession with a chain store full of mass produced fashion. I just don’t. It sounds like this blogger had some kind of personal shopping side business and tried to make off with people’s money, and that a bunch of them run around to their local stores to try to source clothing for their blogging friends when it’s sold out of their local store.

    • avatar Our Lady of Revisionism

      I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t just order the clothes from Anthropologie directly, if they can’t find an item in-store, instead of going through a middleman. Is there a discount or something?

      • avatar Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

        The way I understood it was that they were purchasing items that Anthropologie no longer sells in their store or on their website?? But isn’t that what eBay is for?

        I don’t really get it either. Just buy something else, weirdos!

        • avatar melissa

          they are obsessive collectors, actually. The COLLECT, so yes they need THAT SPECIFIC DRESS, thankyouverymuch

          • avatar Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

            Hmm.. Yeah, sounds like a mental disorder.

            • avatar ants

              yes. yes, it is a mental disorder! it’s called compulsive over shopping. i was once afflicted with the anthro disease. It just takes anyone with an addictive personality to get hooked. sad, but true.

              my addiction just lies somewhere else now… it’s called GOMI, the place I check for updates incessantly every few minutes.

              • avatar zc

                I can attest to the GOMI addiction. It makes me sad when I refresh and there are no new comments to read.

              • avatar ants

                (I’m not going to deny it though, I kind of still check out some of the Anthro blogs out of habit; I just don’t go to the store or the online store anymore. Phew.)

                Sort of OT, but still related since this is about Anthro! In that STFashionista post calling out GOMI folks, I read all the comments. Specifically, there was one commenter who is also an Anthro blogger, commiserating with STF about getting “bashed all the time on another blog…” She “finds it annoying that this person still sees the need to call me out on their blog for being a “copycat”.”

                The drama! Talk about trivial bullshit. Anyway, I was curious so I investigated what the back story was.

                Basically this blogger was being called a copycat because she had similar featured
                posts (weekly sale list & celebrities/TV appearances with Anthro clothing & probably other stuff) as other Anthro bloggers, and there were tweet discussions amongst the copied Anthro bloggers about the copying.

                Who cares what is in this copycat blog. All the blogs are starting to look the same, just like the clothes that everybody and their mother, cousin, librarian and middle class suburban mom wears from Anthro.

                So stupid. End of story.

              • avatar Thomas Hobbes is my hero

                @ ants: Long time lurker here. I think the copycat issue stemmed from the “copycat blog” caught with having copied the exact affiliate links unique to the copied blog. The copycat blog denied it, then the problem grew worse. To top it off, the copycat played “victim” and has been complaining of being unjustly accused every since.

                V. shocked at the Anthroholic blog, I used to read it. I have to say I really should not be surprised though — the frustration by her “lost e-mails” and long delays was what made me decide not to place an order with her. Guess it was a blessing in disguise.

          • avatar Office Worker

            I think they technically CURATE (collecting is for people who like J. Crew)

            • i am ashamed to admit that i have actually used that exact word…curate…to defend my thrifting habit to my husband. it’s not the amount of money, just the amount of dresses that i own. i definitely do not need more, but i can’t pass up an amazing garment for a buck, even if i don’t have room for it. and let’s just say my “consider it a collection, sweetheart. i am a curator of vintage” argument didn’t go over well with my husband, the man who owns 4 pairs of pants and is proud of it.

              • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

                You and I apparently have the same husband!

                You know what has helped me so much (and I am dead serious about this)? Watching Hoarders. Hearing people way at the end of the spectrum coming out with some of the same rhetoric I do (“I might want it someday!” “It’s a shame to get rid of something that nice!” “I’m not sure anyone else would appreciate it!”) has helped me donate so many things that, yeah, are gorgeous and that someone else can probably use and enjoy.

              • avatar Katherine

                I am married to him too.

          • avatar catlady

            Melissa, I’m a follower of most of the anthro-centric blogs and found GOMI a few months ago by googling something about Kendi and Anthropologie. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to GOMI for opening up the discussion about the Anthro “community” and calling out the bad behavior. And a sincere thanks to you especially because reading your comments really made me aware of how silly all of this spending and enabling is. Your comments (and others’) about obsessive collecting really hit home for me and made me realize how trivial and stupid searching for the “ones that got away” is. I know it sounds dumb that I didn’t realize this before, but I ignored my husband’s complaints of my spending so much time and money on Anthro clothes simply because I lost my priorities. Reading these posts makes me sick of who I’ve become over the past months since discovering this Anthro community. I’m not blaming the community for my spending too much – they didn’t force me to throw away my money and time – but I completely sucked myself into this world of consumerism.
            I do still like Anthro clothing (though I completely understand why some dislike the twee-ness), but I need to pull myself out of this cycle of spending, spending, spending, and go back to the person I used to be. I apologize for this sentimental comment, but just wanted to let people know that this site actually inspired me to be a better person. So, sincerely, thank you.

            • avatar Give it a human touch. Everybody likes that.

              I totally agree re: spending. I have a couple hobbies that I loved finding online communities for, but in the end participating in them just made me feel like my collections were somehow inadequate and I needed to spend, spend, spend in order to accumulate the latest, rarest releases.

              In the end, it made me a consumer, not a creator, even though I had joined those communities to share things like my photography and art in the first place. Now that I’ve backed away, all I can do is look at my bank account and think “Fuck you, GIAHT! Way to screw yourself over in order to impress people on the Internet. Dumbass.” (Though I am still happy I own the shit that I do, I’m not adding anything else).

              Ugh, I’m glad I’m moving past those days.

            • avatar tandy


            • avatar Kari

              Anthro is smart by making limited amounts of their clothing pieces, therefore making them more in demand. Kind of like the very recent Missoni for Target madness. People fall for it left and right. I have some Anthropologie clothes, but I think their markup is ridiculous.

        • avatar frum

          Many of them claim they can’t afford the clothes at the full price. Which is fine, but then you hear about people buying many, many items once on sale which raises my bullshit factor.

          Pretty much everything there eventually makes it to sale (ininital markdown about 40% off). If it still doesn’t sell, it’ll get marked down again (usually another 30% off the sale price). Many people play this game where they find what they like and wait for it to go on sale before purchasing it. Not a bad idea, I’m all for saving money if you can, but once an item goes on sale the items tend to go quickly. Thus creating this mad rush to purchse, purchase, purchase. Sometimes stores have items still in stock after they’ve sold out online (or are returns) and thus the need to sometimes have help finding an item.

          In a certain way, I get it. It’s nice to get something you wanted/liked on sale but some of these people have turned it into a full on contact sport. Honestly, I can’t think of a single item of clothing — unless it had some sort of sentimental value — maybe something your sister/mother owned, that would drive me to call stores across the country and stalk online forums looking for “the sweater that got away”.

          • avatar Kari

            The fact that they mark nearly everything down makes you realize how high the markup was in the 1st place! The things that sell out quickly are also way marked up, it’s just that people are willing to pay that price!

      • avatar bee

        I ordered from her as I’m in Canada and our stores don’t carry shoes, which is what I was wanting. The shipping fee from Anthro to Canada is outrageous ($40, not including duty, et cetera…) and she was offering to do it for $10. Save $30? Why not? In the end, I’d rather have saved the time it took to get my money back.

        • avatar sas

          Same story here. And, yes, I now realize the error of my ways. I happen to like the librarian look found at Anthro and I can’t find too many alternatives in my country, but it is so not worth the stress that woman put me through. It is definitely a scam in my opinion.

        • avatar Kari

          If I realized this was such an in-demand service, I’d have offered it a long time ago…only I don’t have a popular blog so people might not trust me… Guess I’ll just stick with eBay.

  3. avatar Ways2BWicked

    I don’t understand the obsession with Anthropologie. The clothes are nice looking but they’re too expensive. I would rather be cheap and buy knock-offs. *Shakes head

    • avatar zc

      Me too. Especially because a lot of the pieces are so “quirky” (ugh, hate that word) that it’s difficult to wear them more than a handful of times. The cost-per-wear is too high, as opposed to.. say, a pair of nice designer jeans that you can wear everyday.

      • avatar Andi

        I love Anthro, though, not in a creepy obsessive way.

        But I totally agree on the cost-per-wear issue–I spend a lot more time “window shopping” their site than actually buying anything because of it. And anything I do buy is on sale–there’s no way I can ever justify paying full-price for anything there.

      • avatar Office Worker

        I agree. If you want to look like a quirky, twee librarian with $0 to your name, shop Anthropologie!

        • avatar braying manatee

          AHHH you nailed it. Librarian is totally the vibe I get every time I walk past Anthropologie (or get pulled in by my sister).

          Although! My kitchen bowls are from there – they are the best shade of purple and were $4 each.

          • avatar Office Worker

            Awesome! I’m sure they have cool stuff for cheap, but I usually take a look at their sale section and am blown away but items that are on sale and are still $100+

          • avatar Cuntastic

            I love their kitchen stuff when it goes on sale. I’ve scored some cool notebooks there, too (I am a huge dork about stationery).

        • avatar Kari

          Ha! Love it! I also see that when I look at Anthro pieces! I see an artsy librarian :-).

      • avatar Ways2BWicked

        When I think of quirky, Messica comes to mind. She ruined that word for me…
        On another note, I can understand folks liking Anthropologie but with the economy, I can’t see myself buying a dress for $100…sorry, I can’t do it.

        • avatar zc

          When I think of “quirky”, Messica and Zoey Deschanel come to mind. Both of which I CANNOT STAND.

      • avatar floppy

        I like poking my head in once in a while but they’re indeed not the most flexible items to add into your wardrobe. Do you honest to God need a $300 cotton coat with a train of ruffles and a million rosettes? Seriously? Like what is that for, a costume party? Too much frumpy twee shit and terrible sizing.

      • Exactly. It’s really hard to part with cash these days, and if I”m going to drop a lot, it’s going to be on something classic.

    • avatar keevz

      i like Anthro. We only have a three stores in Europe and it only arrived in the last year or two, so it’s still got novelty appeal. I have found that it’s not all ruffles, there are some great items in there alongside the whackier efforts. It is expensive but not insanely so in comparison to other UK chains like Whistles or Reiss. So no reason to hate it really. And their two London stores are beautifully designed.

      • avatar Washing Machine Hugger

        I like some things Anthro, too. But I don’t want my whole wardrobe filled with 90% Anthro. I’d rather mix it with less ruffly pieces so as not to look like a cupcake everyday.

        • avatar keevz

          90% anthro – that is a description of STF… she’s head to toe in the stuff all the time.

          • And she styles is exactly as the anthro catalogue does. Wow. So innovative. I actually attempted to read her blog after she was featured here and UGH. Her post are only outfit posts (yes, I know it’s a fashion blog, but even WIW does some stuff other than just outfit posts) with terrible, forced posing and her writing is horrible. The things she’s says are things you talk about in therapy or with close friends and family. Not on a blog.

            Okay, sorry, rant over. That woman just annoys me to no end.

            • avatar Aimless

              Eh, the spilling of private stuff in blogs doesn’t surprise me these days.

              Oddly, I find her way less annoying than Messica – I can’t stand Anthro clothes, but if I did like them, I’d be glad to see what they look like on someone built like me before I order them. I think that’s a decent service. I order online and would love someone to do with Boden, Ann Taylor and J Crew clothes what she does for anthro.

  4. avatar nesdamycart

    The facts: She runs a blog that gushes about Anthropologie. She enjoys a very healthy reader following (over 2000! Well, it’s not really lemmings if there’s only say, 12 of them), and posts almost daily on clothing items and sales from Anthro. She has stated that she gets a lot of requests from Anthro enthusiasts hunting down elusive items, whether from one of her local stores, or by calling stores to do a “charge send” (they send you the item with no delivery charges = better than ordering online). While unemployed, she decided to offer a “service” where for a small fee, she would hunt down your items and send them to you. Problem is, she doesn’t. Oh, she takes the money, but the items never appear, or eventually, if you’re persistent enough and believe that you matter, dammit, she’ll return your money (of course, whatever item you thought you couldn’t live without is long sold out, or is popping up on eBay at three times the original price). Do I sound bitter? Perhaps. I only tried her service because here in Canada, shipping costs are almost equal to the price of whatever article of clothing you’re trying to buy. I seldom shop there, but I did like the idea of a personal shopper service providing access to stores that charge crazy shipping or flat out refuse to ship to Canada (she took payment from me to purchase some things from Kohls, I believe. It was in February, and I still don’t have my package, so it’s hard to remember, without looking back over our numerous emails). Last check? She finally decided (on Sept 10) that UPS has lost my package, and she’ll have to file an investigation, and get the money back from them. It’s shameful. Maybe not criminal…..? But definitely shameful.

    • avatar melondrama

      What do you mean, it’s not criminal?

      Charging for a good or service that you don’t deliver = fraud and thievery.

      eBay, Etsy and other community-driven online shopping platforms all have built-in community feedback mechanisms to suss out grifters like her. Part of the reason this Anthro girl was able to go on for so long was that she was offering the service informally via her blog (i.e. private negotiations done via email), banking on the goodwill of her readers, and using every excuse in the book (“My dog ate the shipment!”).

      Whether she “meant” to send the items,or never intended to send the items, or a combination, is irrelevant. She stole money from her customers.

      Someone, please correct me if I’ve jumped to conclusions, but all the ladies commenting on the other thread with their horror stories led me to believe that this girl has scammed scores of people, and that her M.O. is very well honed by now.

      • avatar nesdamycart

        I said MAYBE, and the maybe relies heavily on the fact that, so far as I’ve heard, everyone has gotten their money back. Well, except for me, but then I’m
        probably jeopardizing that by actually having an opinion. Will keep you posted.

        • avatar nesdamycart

          PS: My dog ate my shipment – hahahahaahah – brilliant! But don’t give her any more choice excuses!

        • avatar Suermu

          And me – as you, I have ordered items back in January and still have not received them: package was lost, then allegedly found twice, and then they turned out not to be mine. The latest news is pretty similar to yours – the claim is pending with UPS. I will let you know when I have some news.

          • avatar Suermu

            PS: and as you, I am an overseas customers

          • avatar frum

            Ok, yeah this is theft, pure and simple. Mistakes happen, things get lost but yeah I’m sorry this happened to you. Esp since you are overseas…

    • avatar Cuntastic

      I would say that it is criminal. She took your money for a service that she didn’t provide.

      It’s crazy to me that people still want to protect her. She does seem to be very nice (if a bit dim) on her blog, so I can understand the urge to cover up for her a bit and give her a chance to speak up/sort things out for people who are still waiting on payments. But come ON, this is clearly theft!

      The more I read about this, the more obvious it seems that she has a serious shopping addiction. I’m guessing that she used everyone’s money to fund her own purchases and hoped to be able to make up for it down the line by waiting for things to go on sale. I wonder if she ever pressured the sales associates at her local store to put things aside/hide stuff/keep it in a back room until it was due for the clearance room and she could snap it up at a discount and mail it to whoever had ordered it from her.

      What pisses me off the most is that she does have a great reputation in the (tiny, irrelevant) world of Anthro blogging. She is using her position in this community to take advantage of people, and that is fucked up.

    • avatar melissa

      criminal, actually. She owes so many people their moeny plus interest. Cheaper than a credit card by far! and the lying= she knows shes wrong

    • avatar Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

      She sounds like an unremitting asshole.

    • avatar Holly

      Totally criminal. She should have insured the package she supposedly mailed – and had tracking. My boyfriend’s brother is unemployed. Maybe he can start a scam like this?

    • avatar sk

      Nesdamycart, like I’ve said before, my situation was almost exactly like yours, down to the claims that UPS lost my package (and then magically delivered it to her door the day I demanded a refund). You need to write to her immediately and threaten to bring this issue to the attention of PayPal, if you don’t see your refund this week. Even if you can’t file a complaint through the resolution centre, you can still call them or e-mail them to alert them of the the situation. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to mention that this is criminal behavior, which it definitely is. Don’t fall for any of her lies and definitely don’t let her take her little service fee.

      • avatar sk

        Btw, she did send me a tracking number. It just didn’t show up as valid. And when I wrote her an irate e-mail about it, here was her response:

        “I just spoke with UPS and the mystery is solved. The label I created was missing the customs form when UPS scanned it into the system. This has happened before, where the driver neglects to scan in the customs form. Because of this, UPS had me send them a new customs form with your info just now, and once they scan it into the system, they are going to generate a new shipping label with a new tracking#. I will get it later today, and as soon as I do, I will forward it to you. I hope this clears up the hold up – apparantely they tried to contact me but had the wrong phone # in their records.”

        Such a convoluted explanation. And, of course, the next tracking # I received was invalid. So many lies. Speaking of evil…
        I hope this clears everything up. Your package will be on its way shortly!

        • avatar zc

          I don’t get how ONE person can have so many problems with email and UPS and getting shipped the wrong sizes. In all my online orders, I’ve never once received the wrong size for anything. It seems like for her, it’s such a common occurrence (along with emails missing and UPS losing her packages).

          • avatar melondrama

            Um, maybe because she’s a lying liar liarpants?

            • avatar Washing Machine Hugger

              Exactly. I order online all the time, plus I sell online. Never once have I had such problems. She either really pissed off the shipping and e-mail gods or she’s a liar. I’m going with the second option.

        • avatar Kari

          Wow, perfect example of how it’s all just LIES.

  5. avatar bitchplease

    No knowledge of any facts, but I think this is what the fuss is about.

    • avatar zc

      Thanks for posting this! It kind of annoys me to read that if you want to return your item, you have to send it back to her, and she’ll return it for a fee. Why can’t she just include the receipt so you can return it to your local store?

      It’s kind of sad that these Anthro-lovers have to resort to these kinds of things to get their hands on specific clothing items. IT’S CLOTHES. It’s like the end of the world if they don’t have that item in that specific color.

      • avatar Andi

        Bingo. It’s just fucking clothes. I love shopping and definitely have my “I must have this!!” moments over some item or another. Usually though, I don’t buy it, and low and behold, within a few days, if not hours, I realize I don’t really need it. And in the rare case that I do genuinely regret not buying something? I also get over it, because there are more important things in the world than having the shoes/bag/dress I really want. Fucking white people problems, to say the least.

      • avatar

        This is pure speculation on my part, but it would seem that she doesn’t include the receipt most likely because she wants to the freedom to lie about the price she paid, not to mention the date/details of the purchase. And then she gets to charge you AGAIN for her “services.”

        • avatar Kari

          Yep, you hit the nail on the head. There’s no legitimate reason not to include the receipt. That’s a red flag right there.

      • avatar Robin

        Umm, if you could return it to your local store; then you would have been able to purchase it there and wouldn’t have needed her services in the first place.

        • Many retailers will actually let you return items at any location, even if it was bought at another location.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            I know that Anthropologie has this policy, as I have bought stuff at a Boston-area store for my goddaughter and she has returned it at a New York store.

  6. avatar BJ Kelly

    Replace “Anthropologie” with something like “McDonalds” and that’s about how much I think any of this makes sense.

  7. avatar Washing Machine Hugger

    Sweet baby jeebus! Thank you for finally posting this and outing Anthroholic. I’ve always found her and her success-despite-mediocrity completely grating, but theft? This takes the ruffly, lacey pink cake topped with bunnies and a ray of sunshine.

  8. ootd+laura.jpg

    This world? I would run screaming. I’d rather drink watery gimlets with Cary Randolph while Sarah Lacy’s baby screams in the background.

    • avatar zc

      LOL that’s the thing about so many Anthro-lovers. They think what they’re getting is so unique! so quirky! but every other Anthro-blogger has THE EXACT SAME ITEM. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re not a special snowflake.

    • avatar Princess Xanax

      This is so weird! It’s like some Stepford Anthrobloggers world.

      “Twee! More overpriced twee…” *said in zombie voice*

      • avatar snowKTY

        Actually I think I am a special snowflake :) …and you people need to get a life if you are spending your time following blogs of something you hate, that is what is weird to me??….Here’s an idea! why don’t you follow blogs of something you enjoy! Instead of stealing pictures from other blogs and then making fun of them. Maybe there is a little bit of jealousy here ladies….or maybe you are just unhappy with your life and need to make fun of others to feel better about yourself…..or maybe you are just evil…..whatever the reason I feel sorry for you.

        • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

          It’s pretty stupid to feel sorry for evil people.

          • avatar melissa

            DONT FORGET that we are all evil devil worshippers that play with voodoo dolls of all of the anthro bloggers. While being fat haters eating tubs of ice cream and cakes all to ourselves. And we are all ugly too.

            • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

              “You just come to websites and read them for the first time and make assumptions about people!! This is the first time I’ve ever been here but I can just tell you are all fat, ugly, pale, have big feet, short eyelashes and are just jealous.”

              The wonderful irony of the white knighter.

        • avatar ninja girl

          oh dear – not the “jealous hater” argument again. hate is a strong word – we don’t HATE these silly blogs. i am not jealous that i have nicer clothes than anthroholic. i am not jealous that my earning power will eventually be 6 times that of her salary.

          we do, however, want to expose the disingenuous nature and borderline criminal activity that might be perpetuated in some of these blogs. and is it really too much to demand good grammar (seriously the correct use of adverbs and the difference between possessives and contractions – this is THIRD GRADE grammar lessons people)? to paraphrase the cliche, the unexamined blog is well, not worth to be a blog…

        • avatar melissa

          I consider myself a nice person. I came over here the first time and made a comment just like yours- but the intelligent comments really attracted me, and I silently read for months as I came to realize a few things.
          1. Life does not have to be serious, and 2. Some people are ridiculous- and it’s okay to laugh when they put it out there FOR YOUR CONSUMPTION, and try to profit off of it.

          And the Jealousy comment- I guess sometimes it is true, but I can’t think that everyone that ever had a negative comment, low opinion, or critique of someone was jealous. It’s over-used. Did you ever stop to think that sometimes people DO deserve to be called out on their shit? Self awareness is a great thing to have.

          • avatar keevz

            If it was a jealousy thing GOMI would be all over Man Repeller of Sea of Shoes – those ladies have a ton of money and awesome wardrobes.

            It’s a bullshit thing. simples.

            • avatar Washing Machine Hugger

              Exactly. If you earned your place of awesomeness, like Man Repeller, then good for you! If you suck and are full of bullshit, welcome to your weekly GOMI feature.

              • avatar not from around these parts

                Wait… what does The Man Repeller do for a living? I’ve wondered this for a long time… I mean, I know that she gets interviews and invites to panels and stuff now that her blog is famous but I was under the impression that she was still just a student and overspending just like every other young fashion blogger?

          • avatar zc

            Glad you stuck around, Melissa!

            And amen to your comment.

            • avatar melissa

              aww thanks! I just recently delurked. I thought you all would eat me alive like wolves. I was intimidated. Then I spent some time laughing until I cried over some comments… then I decided I really liked 99% of the people here. :) I thought at first you all were so horribly negative and mean, then realized this is all in good fun (and mostly sarcastic). Sorry for my I <3 GOMI speach- Carry on!

              • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

                And like you say, these people just ASK for it. I mean it would be one thing if we were making fun of a special needs children blog. (Though techncially maybe we are since we comment so frequently on Jessica Quirk’s.)

              • avatar melissa

                blame it on being someone who had never encountered a blog like this before- I was so used to the puppysunshinerainbowunicorn blog world that I was like a kid brought up in a bubble LOL

        • avatar Princess Xanax


          Yeah dude. Totes jealous of shopping addicts that wear mass produced overpriced crap while supporting each other’s habit in some so-called community.


        • avatar Holly

          eh, not the first time I’ve been called evil.

        • avatar Colorblocked Moonshiner

          lollers. yes, i am so jealous of mentally stunted women who have no grasp of real fashion or budgeting. thanks for making me realize that!

          ps i am so amused/ ready to humblebrag that alerting my fellow GOMI-ers to the cray that is small town fashionista has gotten us to this moment. *tear*

        • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

          Let’s see: do I do this as a laugh, and a break from my daily tasks, and as a way to replace water-cooler interactions with smart and funny people (the downside of working at home is that you get tired of your own jokes), or am I honestly jealous of adult women who are obsessed with a store that caters to teenagers?

          I JUST DON’T KNOW.

          Oh, wait! I think you did have the answer, after all! I am Just Plain Evil.


          Now that you’ve outed me, you may expect retaliation from my army of flying monkeys.

        • avatar Babby Forming, Despite Life-Threatening Heels

          I like that someone who probably falls under the umbrella of a shopaholic/obsessive is telling GOMI commenters to get a life.

        • avatar mk

          Let me guess, you’re the one with the ugly foot tattoo?

        • avatar Give it a human touch. Everybody likes that.

          Holy shit, I love my life! I have a wonderful family, cute apartment, adorable cat, great job and a shelf filled with shoes lovingly sourced from indie designers and thrift stores that didn’t cost me $300. And I’m not giving my hard-earned disposable income to a corporation that supports freakin’ Rick Santorum. (

          I mean, I really feel for the Anthrofans who were scammed by Anthroholic. I love the look of Anthro catalogs myself, but, seriously, it’s your responsibility to do some research into a company before you start pumping thousands of dollars into it. Urban Outfitters (Anthro’s parent company) is notorious for ripping off the ideas of indie designers AND its founders donations to conservative, homophobic politicians and organizations. I’m a HUGE fan of Uniqlo but I’ve cut back on my spending there because I don’t feel like their manufacturing process is transparent enough. It was hard at first adjusting to the idea that I would not own the same navy blue, camel and gray cardigans that every other Uniqlo fan has, BUT LIFE GOES ON. Trust me.

          It goes on.

        • avatar two fendi purses and a silver lexus

          best comment

        • avatar Special Snowflake

          you rang?

        • avatar Kari

          I kind of agree with snowKTY. That was just a low blow and doesn’t make you a bigger person. And I suppose these haters only wear one-of-a-kind items? Do you make all of your clothes and shoes yourself? Stop making fun of others.

          • avatar Kari

            Oh wait. I didn’t realize this was a “hate site.” Carry on.

        • avatar pkjane

          Well at least it’s free.

    • avatar I Bray for Pay

      See, for me it’s the opposite. I couldn’t care less about how Rich Tong is fucking up Tumblr, or what Twatiana is up to, but Anthrodrama on the other hand? BRING IT!!!

      I read sooo many of the Anthroblogs and shop there, too (only the second/third cuts on the sale racks, though!) but apart from Jacquelyn, have yet to find an Anthroblogger that’s above a Size 6. Hmmm.

      • avatar keevz

        huh… surely you mean you have yet to find one that ADMITS to being larger than a size 6!!

        If actresses have stage ages, anthrobloggers have blog sizes.

        • avatar Nina


        • avatar I Bray for Pay

          I dunno, they all look pretty skinny to me, though it’s true the number of blogs has mushroomed so I can’t keep up with them all.

          The only one I think might lie about her size is British Anthropologist. Though in referencing larger bloggers I guess I forgot to include EA’s Roxy’s bottom half which I think has lipedema.

          • avatar keevz

            oh yeah British Anthro for sure and i always thought STF was a little optimistic about her sizing.

            slightly off topic but now that its open season on Athrobloggers and Anthroholic in particular, did anyone else ever cringe at the fawning comments she would leave about some seriously fug reader outfits? i used to be embarrassed reading it. SO FAKE.

            • avatar Cuntastic

              I definitely cringed over some of those.

              “Patty is looking absolutely scrumptious in the Librario Frock and Hopelessly Twee cardigan! I love the way she styled this look–it reminds me of autumn breezes!”

              {Picture of frumpy woman wearing a frilly dress and cardigan that has teacups glued to the shoulders.}

              • avatar keevz

                You could hear Captain Subtext laughing and pointing while shouting “hahaha look at this frock horror, don’t I do it so much better?”

              • avatar zc

                HAHAHA. But seriously, people are sending in pictures and she is kind of obligated to post them with a nice comment… because blogging is all about OMG RAINBOWS AND PUPPIES AND SUNSHINE. She probably wouldn’t dare criticize a reader-submitted look.

              • avatar melissa

                One thing is being tactful, the other is just protecting your ‘I’m NICEEEE’ image. I never EVER left an ingenious comment after my 1st year in the blog world. I just wouldn’t comment, because criticism is not accepted in 99% of blogs or amongst other commenters.

              • avatar melondrama

                I can’t help but read those reader outfit descriptions to myself in a sarcastic, Cheesy 60s Dating TV Show Voiceover type voice.

                “Aaaand here’s Kara, a vivacious 20-year-old who’s ready for love, looking scrumpt-diddly-umptious in these palazzo pants and Jumping Baby Deer Sweater of Whimsical Fuckery!”

              • avatar tandy

                I just want to say that reading these comments has helped me open my eyes. I used to be anthro-obsessed and have fallen into the frumpy look trap is promotes, but when you really stand back and look at the clothes they really are grandma. Some of them are cute when styled, but some of them scream hideous. I have found myself lately wanting to look more sleek along the lines of Victoria Beckham (just not 5 inch high heels).

          • avatar collsers

            But Roxy’s a true size 6, don’t you know? She posts it in every single fitting room review. *snort

            • avatar Whatisyourproblem!

              You know these comments you all are leaving are funny and by funny I mean “strange”. I am always intrigued by people who read other people’s blogs and then bitch about what they say! If you don’t like what they say then don’t freaking read them!.

              • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

                I am always intrigued by people who read other people’s blogs and then bitch about what they say!

                You must find yourself endlessly intriguing, then.

                At least that’s one person who does.

            • avatar LA

              How is the world is she a size 6?? Her ass only is twice that size !

      • avatar yep, she's a bitch

        I miss the Twatiana drama… but this Anthro scam stuff is pretty fabulous too. Thanks, PP and GOMI commenters. You ROCK!!

    • avatar yippieskippie

      that’s from that strange “anthro sister love” blog right? she’s an old lady who makes absolutely no sense when she posts. she’s another trainwreck.

      • avatar michelle

        Her blog is so hard to follow. Very weird set up. Did you see that post about how anthropology was going to go out of business if we didn’t all buy full priced merch immediately?

        • avatar Washing Machine Hugger

          Wait, what? Link? I must see this.

          • avatar yippieskippie


            so incredibly strange. i’m kinda one of the anthrosheep myself, but i’ve seen a lot of crazy blogging that makes me ashamed.

            • Even more so now that we have experienced Anthropologie. It’s my daily motivation I can’t happily live without.

              GET HELP.

              Such a craze/fad. It reminds me of people going nuts over Beanie Babies.

              • avatar yippieskippie

                “I will no longer link back to other retailers on this blog.
                Not until the day I know that Anthro is sound in collective mind, body and soul.”

            • avatar melondrama

              the article linked from that blog post is such a goldmine:

              Several analysts wondered how much its troubles were due to unattractive merchandise vs. the impact of the economy.

              In an interview Tuesday, Black said she had been unimpressed with Anthropologie’s wares for months, saying the tops were mostly shapeless and ill-suited for the wide-legged pants offered as companion pieces.

              “Women, they don’t want to look like they’re hiding something,” Black said. “Most women want to look like they’re attractive.”

              She sayin’ you ugly! You, you, you ugly!

            • avatar Washing Machine Hugger

              OMG. I don’t even have words for this. Really. No words. Jaw on floor. But thanks for the link!

            • avatar I can't believe certain people

              I actually feel sorry for this lady. She really needs therapy. Even if she can afford all the crap she buys I doubt she gets to wear 3/4 of what she has. She has a serious shopping addiction. At least she is not stealing anybody’s money lol
              Oh yes Anthro problems are sure not mine. They will survive. I prefer supporting local shops.

        • avatar tvsociety

          Yeah that was bizarre. I think she has a pretty high-paying job at least which is more than you can say for most of the anthrobsessed.

          • avatar fritzalitz

            …yeah, but it makes one wonder how the hell she keeps that job with that kind of nut-so thinking…

            • avatar LA

              Believe me she is a half starving geologist in CA.Doesn’t have money

        • avatar tandy

          I almost passed out when I saw that. I am not responsible for anthropologie’s success.

          • avatar Expert Gay

            “I am happy to do this alone. At least I can stand up and say I tried to make a difference. … Please shop at Anthropologie tomorrow.”

            …Wow. Anthropologie is not a small local business; it’s a huge retailer. This post makes me genuinely sad. I can’t believe some people have such deep, quasi-religious feelings about a corporation that is, ultimately, out to make money.

            • avatar melondrama

              As an Anthro fan, I have to say, that blog is fantastic aversion therapy. Within two minutes of reading I want to give away all my Anthro stuff and move into a yurt on the steppes of Asia.

            • Anthro is owned by Urban Outfitters as well. They too, have a huge following of hipsters I believe. They are doing VERY well.

              • avatar samita

                The anthro chaos lady is absolutely nuts!! If you want to buy full priced stuff made for pennies in India go for it !! but don’t encourage people to do that too ! She doesn’t have that much money,i believe she does the pictures/return thingy (Take pics wear it for 2 time return it ) Maybe need to let anthropologie know about it and monitor her returns as she does all shopping online.

                In one way I am happy the anthroholic blog is gone.Maybe people will stop falling over the stuff for full price because of the hype all these blogs create.

  9. avatar Roo

    This infuriates me that this kind of behavior has occurred. I used to follow her blog but lost interest some time ago. Roxy’s blog is the one stop shopping place for all anthro information anyways. And I believe Roxy would not tolerate that bullshit because she has built a world of anthro followers. I can’t wait to read about how this all pans out. I will pass the word along.

    • avatar Nina

      Please, Roxy aka Effortless Anthropologie will tolerate anything as long as you click her affiliate links!
      She’ a bully at BEST.

      • avatar ants

        I’m standing up for Roxy on this one even though I’m no longer Anthro obsessed.
        Roxy is OK. From past posts, I’ve seen that Roxy definitely does tolerate BS.

        How is Roxy a bully? The only person I’ve seen calling Roxy a bully is the blogger from Behind The Dressing Room Door, whom Roxy considers EA jr, for copying other Anthro bloggers’ blog features.

        • avatar badabing

          Good reason. I & many others have personal experience with her (aside from her claiming she owns the right to public PUBLIC information, i.e sale posts). GTFO! You’re obviously in the Mean girls clique or either Roxy herself! And TRUST, plenty of people think that she is indeed a bully but are afraid to say it publicly in fear of all the minions that will come to her rescue just because she’s the popular kid on the block. Sounds pretty much like 2nd grade to me!

          • avatar ants

            I haven’t seen/heard this, where has she claimed to own the rights to public information? You must be a hardcore follower of all things Anthropologieeeeeeee.

            Yes, I’m clearly in the mean girls clique. I love me some GOMI. Isn’t that the first sign? I love you :*

            • avatar badabing

              lol :) check out another post by nina on the small town fashionista thread. *love u back*

              • avatar Jello

                Oh heck ya Roxy is a bully and Kim’s bff! She keeps whining and complaining about behind the dressing room door copying all her shit(since she is losing affiliate marketing money i guess) when her blog and 90% posts on it are *inspired* from Jcrewaficionada.

              • avatar ants

                i just looked at the Effortless Anthro blog, and it looks like the link for Anthroholic is gone for now. lord help me, I LOVE the drama. bff no more?

                Roxy has many comments in responses to the GOMI link someone posted in her sale listing post; this is only part of what she said: “Hmm, yes I think the idea of a temporary link removal sounds fair and that is the route I will take. Thank you for replying.”

                Roxy seems at least somewhat reasonable.

                Do read the comment thread on this. Anthroholic is getting a spanking.

                Scroll to the very bottom of the page and go to page 2. Yes, page 2 of the comments, and do a search on “getoffmyinternets” to find the long exchange.


              • avatar KAS

                If you sort the comments on that post by rating, this whole drama floats to the top. She was at first hesitant to remove the link, but decided to when reader after reader told her it made her look bad to continue to do business with someone so shady.

    • avatar heartsink

      The only discussion at EA is hidden on the second page of comments to yesterday’s sale post. You have to scroll through a gazillion affiliate links to see the comments.

      Kim the scammer deserves her own post. Glad she has a few here at GOMI! I never knew about this site, and I’m happy to have found it!

      • avatar ants

        oh sorry! i just scrolled down to your comment after i posted mine with the same link. same sentiment.

  10. avatar melondrama

    Alternate headlines for this article:

    AnthroGrifter Commits the Frilliest Crime of All

    Anthroholic Drinks Deeply of Her Own Excuses

    Anthroholic Will Personally, Adorably Steal Your Money

    Anthroholic’s Excuses Wear Thin, Just Like That $298 Crochet Skirt

    Criminal: That Granny Sweater. Also, Anthroholic.

    • one headline better than the next. well played!

    • avatar melissa

      5 star post! LMAO! :)

    • avatar tandy

      I would love to know anthropologie’s position on all this. I have often wondered how many of these anthro bloggers afford all the clothing they buy. I have wondered if anthro “gifts” them or even pays them in some way to “advertise” for them. I am NOT accusing anthro of this but it does make one wonder.

      • The FTC does require bloggers to disclose if a company has given them an item or sponsored a post. I’m not sure how strictly they enforce it, though. I think most bloggers are proud of getting items comped so have no problem with disclosure, at least of items. I sometimes think that some bloggers aren’t so honest about disclosing sponsored posts or reviewed items.

        • I’m a blogger and I disclose every time I get a free service or product.

          I am not even under those rules, as I am Canadian… Even so, it isn’t fair to readers.

  11. avatar AFGHANI

    I can hardly muster the attention to care about Anthrowhatever, but this little scandal seems to involve interstate transactions. If I were the scammer/blogger, I’d be pretty worried. There is probably an email trail a mile long and probably a lot of money involved since it’s expensive stuff. Could’ve been some bank checks, money orders, personal checks, PayPal accounts involved… very messy indeed. I wouldn’t be shocked if this ended up as a felony charge or two.

    • avatar Expert Gay

      There are international transactions involved, if you can believe it. This Canadian blogger was apparently scammed (she links to GOMI):

      • avatar ninja girl

        ugh, poor girl. what a nightmare. this is why there are studies written about social networking and the issues of “trust” and “reputation” and how to suss out planted reviews on the interweb and how it’s important that sites like ebay, etsy, and even tripadvisor etc rely on feedback to lend credibility to their business model and to help consumers make fully informed choices.

        • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

          Yeah but just as a caveat to that, on etsy, you can’t leave feedback if you had to cancel a transaction. In January I ordered a dress to be custom made and delivered to me by mid July. The seamstress did great work, had like 110 positive reviews. Came time to deliver it, she gave me THREE different runaround excuses on three different dates why it wasn’t shipped. I was moving and I needed the dress before I moved and explained that to her and it was just bullshit after bullshit. Finally, I told her I didn’t believe the dress was even made and I just wanted a refund, which lit a fire under her ass and she finally sent me pictures of it completed and swore she’d overnight it.

          So she finally sent it out but rather than overnighting it through FedEx, she sent it priority mail through THE GREEK POST OFFICE. And couldn’t tell me who was supposed to deliver it to me in the U.S. She thought USPS but didn’t know. Greek shipping stopped tracking it the day it left their warehouse. For FOUR DAYS I didn’t know where my dress was (did I mention this was my wedding dress? MY WEDDING DRESS!!) and had no way of tracking it.

          I posted on a forum about this and got FLOODED with messages of girls who had put in orders with her and gotten the same runaround and finally had to cancel their orders because by the time they actually got the dress, it would be too late. Once they canceled their orders, they couldn’t leave feedback. Who KNOWS how many girls this has happened to, because the only ones who can leave feedback are the ones who actually get their dresses!

          Luckily, I did get mine… literally THE DAY BEFORE WE MOVED. I had written it off at that point and assumed it was just lost and I’d have to buy a replacement in the three weeks until my wedding. An unexpected knock at the door from DHL of all places, and there was my dress. And it was beautiful but OMG if I didn’t lose a few years off my life in that fiasco. So, feedback helps, but it’s just something to consider. Knowing what I know now I would never rely on something important like that to come from an etsy seller, regardless of how good the feedback is.

      • avatar zc

        After reading her entire affair, that is just plain horrible. This is not just miscommunication, it’s about the Anthroholic girl taking a trusting girl’s money and flat out lying, then blaming it on email and UPS.

        Does she really have to stoop so low to cheat money from her readers?

      • avatar anti-anthro

        The post by the Canadian blogger is VISIBLE through other Anthro bloggers’ blog roll and came through my RSS – I imagine others will see it….

        • avatar keevz

          I imagine it’s Defcon 1 at Chateau Athroholic right now….

          • avatar anti-anthro

            Yes, probably refunding like crazy. Her Paypal is probably on overload. Maybe her besties and her “fiance” can help package up items and affix shipping labels.

            • avatar badabing

    ! The gig is up then, huh?

              • avatar anti-anthro

                it’s just so weird that she has had so many email and UPS problems – i think someone mentioned that she is an admin or something which would obviously require someone with superior organization skills.

            • avatar Washing Machine Hugger

              That’s “Mr. Fiance” to you.

  12. avatar Aggressively Stupid with Life Threatening Shoes

    Geez, I didn’t even know that Anthro-blogging was a thing until like a week ago and now it turns out that there’s scamming and stealing and international criminal activity happening in this alternate blogging universe that I didn’t even know existed. It makes us over here in our little hate site look positively innocent. OK, not quite, but still thrilling stuff.
    I hope this expose of sorts helps you folks who got scammed to get your money back.

    • avatar melissa

      the fastest way to get a ‘popular’ fashion blog (up to thousands of readers)- buy anthropologie, take pictures of your head-to-toe anthro outfits, post weekly ‘wsih lists’ from anthro, and blog about what you buy- and give fit ‘reviews’ with your height/weight/bra size/measurements. It is a circle of enabling women who cheer each other on, and the reviews and wishlists help feed their obsession. The more obsessed you are, the more popular you will be. there are tons of popular blogs with this exact format.

      • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

        Oh so that’s why STF posts her measurements ? ( Which, by the way, have to be falsified. It said her waist is 28 and okay I am 5’1 and weigh 95 pounds and I have a 23 inch waist. I am a SMALL person and there is NO WAY her waist is only 5 inches wider than mine. I see her in those Dusk and Summer photos. Not saying she has a bad body, but girl, your waist is just NOT 28 inches.)

        • avatar Cuntastic

          I suspect she just goes by those size guides that stores have on their websites. On Anthro’s site, for example, a 28-inch waist is a size 6. Those guide thingies are pretty useless since they sell a ton of different brands that don’t have uniform measurements, but whatevs.

          I would not be surprised if she were able to wear a 6 or below at anthro. I can often fit my beer gut into a 6 there and I’m not a small person. The numbers are irrelevant to normal people, but I do get amused by bloggers who insist they are a certain size.

          • avatar C/O Coach Clodhoppers

            I’ve never bought anything from Anthro but from what I’ve read they’re super vanity sized, so you’re probably right.

            • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

              Anthropologie’s sizing is crazy unreliable. Sometimes the clothes are bigger than you’d expect for the tag size, sometimes they’re smaller than you’d expect. That’s why the bloggers would be doing a service to give the measurements of the clothes themselves!

        • 5 inches is a pretty big difference when it comes to waist sizing.

        • avatar tandy

          Would someone please tell me who STF is?

      • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        Jesus fuck, rather than give what you claim to be “your” measurements, why not measure the garments themselves?

        • avatar zc

          yeah, I think I’d like a mix of both. I remember coming across a blog sale once where the blogger listed the measurements of all the clothes, but not the actual size. And they were all from like Old Navy and Gap and Forever 21, not vintage or whatever. Bugged the hell out of me that she wouldn’t list the sizes.

          • avatar Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

            Oh, definitely, giving both the tag size and the measurements of the garment is best.

            Giving some measurements that purport to be the blogger’s stats isn’t that helpful.

      • avatar The Incredible Sulk

        And you must do a giveaway of some kind. Cost of admission: become a follower of the blog.

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