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NatalieNow Is Just Like A Homeless Person

Natalie Hill Jensen, her ring, look at it, apparently still hasn’t had time to get her big rebrand off the ground. I guess she’s too busy escaping her married life in BFE Utah in order to ride around the NYC subways.


Her ring! Look at it! And then scratch your head as you try to figure out what eating two dounts on a subway – while on your way to eat even more food – has to do with being “like a homeless person”.


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Hey Natalie Jean Book Preview Proves Anyone Can Get A Book Deal, And An Open Post

This is a quick post because it’s five minutes until noon and I have to get ready to start drinking, but the sample pages for the ‘Hey Natalie Jean‘ book are online. You can check them out here. I think we can all agree this is a tome worthy of a world tour.

And we haven’t had an open post in a while, so you can also go nuts about other topics if you like.


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Hey Natalie Jean Prepares For Worldwide Book Tour

Natalie Holbrook, who recently implied her family can’t afford “private” pre-k for their child unless she bombards her blog with affiliate links, is apparently taking her 176 page vanity book on a worldwide tour.

Saying she has “a gold saint christopher, patron saint of traveling, for good book tour planning juju”, she claims her “first stop come april” is “berlin!” and went on to tweet that she’ll be all over Europe afterwards – presumably promoting her ‘book’.


She also hinted she’ll be jetting around the U.S. saying she was “having a hard time picturing which states came in what order when i began the planning for my stateside book tour”.

I guess her publishers are expecting Bratalie to be the next J.K. Rowling or something if they are sending her on a promotional trip of this magnitude. And yes, I am assuming someone is footing the bill for this globe trotting since poor little Natty was claiming this side of two weeks ago that they needed the “help in the income department” from her shopping posts full of affiliate crap.


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Mumspringas Are Apparently The New Ladyblogger Trend

An odd trend has been rising over the past two years. Mommy/Lifestyle bloggers around their early 30s are sticking the toddlers in daycare and heading out for piercings and tats and all day ‘me time’ and all night ‘party time’. It seems young ladybloggers with young kids just become bored with themselves and begin flailing about for some kind of new personality angle.



Enter the ‘Mumspringa’. Ladybloggers between 28-32, usually with children under 5, suddenly start expressing a desire for tattoos or piercings; their personal style takes a turn into obvious try hard; they begin randomly talking about sex and sexuality (and making sure you know they own sex toys).



Suddenly they want to drink and wear see through clothes and go braless and get septum rings, and most importantly they want YOU to know they do these things. The only thing missing from the almost adolescent self-expression is pony tails, rollerskates, and ‘Hot Child In The City’ on full blast while they try to eat popsicles seductively in front of omgsocute boys.

So what is this all about? Why are mommy bloggers who haven’t even hit 35 suddenly behaving like a bunch of bored middle aged women whose kids just left for college? Or am I the only one seeing a pattern because I’m bored on a Sunday night? Do questions at the end of posts actually foster discussion when the blogger tells you to take it to their Facebook page?


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That Wife Did Not Get In That Program

Jenna Cole, that future software engineer, was apparently rejected by the lady programmer course that she felt certain would lead her to a 90k a year job.

…for me this was about facing down those inner demons I have that tell me that I’m not good enough to do this… that I need to feel ashamed because I didn’t get in to…Whether or not it was competitive, I don’t even think that matters, because I think even if it wasn’t compete- if it was the most competitive program in the world, my inner demons would still tell me that, you know, it was because of me and not because of…what the program wanted or how many people applied or who applied. I mean there are so many factors.

Jenna evidently intends to apply again, only this time she’ll try to actually learn what a software engineer actually is, and try to learn some actual code.

And so… now between, now and the next application, I can teach myself, X amount of coding. And hope that that’s enough for them to see that I really want this  and that I’m a good candidate for their program…There’s nothing stopping me from just doing the application process three times a year until I get in.

She claims to be 70% of the way there, but since she seems to think software engineering is CSS I think she has further to go before she gets to feminist lady coder tech woman status.